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This game is AMAZING. 
1 (and a half) suggestion(s), though: 
I know that in reality, a Siphonophore's zooids are basically only individuals by concept, and don't actually do whatever they want, (or maybe I read the wikipedia page wrong... oops...) but maybe it would be interesting if, once the main-control-zooid-thingy was killed, the other, remaining zooids would still struggle and kinda fight back (e.g., the claw randomly snipping, jets propelling), and maybe, if enough zooids survive long enough and/or somehow collect enough nutrients/health-orbs, a controller-zooid could even regrow?

And maybe it would look a bit nicer if, on the growth-mode tutorial, instead of always showing the "Shelly" structure zooid, it showed the currently selected parasite's control-zooid? (In the screenshot below, not sure if you can see it, but the parasite breed is Advena )

the GUI layout update btw, you're a legend 👍

sorry for making this unnecessarily long .__.

Hey, awesome post, thanks for playing our game!

Dead zooids could use some twitchy animations or struggle for a little bit, I think that would look cool, but they need to look dead, otherwise it might get confusing. We haven't planned giving the ability to regrow the main zooid, so it would require effort that is better spend on other things.  But this idea is really cool, I'll make sure we got it logged down.

Nice catch with dialog icon, thanks.