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This game is AMAZING. 
1 (and a half) suggestion(s), though: 
I know that in reality, a Siphonophore's zooids are basically only individuals by concept, and don't actually do whatever they want, (or maybe I read the wikipedia page wrong... oops...) but maybe it would be interesting if, once the main-control-zooid-thingy was killed, the other, remaining zooids would still struggle and kinda fight back (e.g., the claw randomly snipping, jets propelling), and maybe, if enough zooids survive long enough and/or somehow collect enough nutrients/health-orbs, a controller-zooid could even regrow?

And maybe it would look a bit nicer if, on the growth-mode tutorial, instead of always showing the "Shelly" structure zooid, it showed the currently selected parasite's control-zooid? (In the screenshot below, not sure if you can see it, but the parasite breed is Advena )

the GUI layout update btw, you're a legend 👍

sorry for making this unnecessarily long .__.