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no way 2: the sequel the x rank

no way

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Currently not creating anything related to Bitsy, but I have been working on modding projects for a few other games. One of these modding projects is known as Future Spectrum, which is a mod of The End is Nigh, a quite obscure game.

This modding project is a collaboration between multiple people that know how to mod the game including me to provide a new experience to various parts of another in-development mod for the same game, Shattered Spectrum.

Below are some screenshots of areas within Future Spectrum, most being released. The screenshots under this horizontal rule are from released areas, while the other two under the next horizontal rule are not released at the time of this comment.

Anemia Trauma Tenebris Greed Transience

??? ???

The standalone level editor does not allow creating, editing, or playing levelpacks. This is to prevent pirating the main game by using the editor as a way to play the game.

i've seen some archives, and yes week 2 is canon
it's just
the weeks are out of order currently
week 2 is canonically after week 5 if i remember correctly

does this count as spam .-.

inside a game inside a game


It's funny how this shows the legit real startup screen and then it goes into the cartridge's boot fail screen

If you could somehow erase that part, it would be great for tricking people

i pushed the limit on level "what the flip" accidentally

egg quest

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Amazing. Fits the requirement of glitches so well that I think it deserves 5 stars on all 6 categories.

Do you even have a PICO-8 BBS account juner!? This is awesome!


dude i was replying to you

nice one

Nice, you didn't even put music, as the ending said! also the game is not pong

I found a cheese. Once you're at the top, you can walk above the level and into the next column.

you should have kept it to yourself silly

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(Nice, purpose rig.)

If the switch glitch (as I call it) is going on, close out of the game instantly (Alt + F4) and reboot your computer. This is due to your keyboard not working properly.

I would love to see feedback about how that method worked!

That's meant to happen. 8)


The enemies still deal harm no matter what.

uh comments · Replied to onion in uh comments


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ѕoᴍ𝕖ᴛႹі𝕟ɡ 𝕚𝕤 ᴡʀoոɢ wiᴛҺ 𝕥ʜis t𝕠𝕠𝕝 ⦅јust ᴋiԁdіnɢ)

ᴡʜy 𝕒m ו ʜer𝕖

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Ok. That was a lot of damage I took.

I'm not fine.

Edit: ____ing Flaks.

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Current Eater Abilities: Push, Shock.

Edit: So basically I have that other species.

Edit 2: I think I'll try to get back there, but with the starter species.

Sipho community · Created a new topic Why, Second Boss

The second boss is too OP (overpowered). Can you guys nerf the second boss please?? Those Flaks are pretty annoying.

...I press space and it works. I totally forgot about that.

Sipho community · Created a new topic Seriously

Those forced whirlpools are annoying me when I just want to roam around longer. >.<

Sipho community · Posted in Bugs

Typos I found: 'founded.' to 'found.', 'posicion' to 'position', 'plasing.' to 'placing.', 'incorect' to 'incorrect', 'replasing.' to 'replacing.'.

Made a mistake? I found 'ij'.

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I reached the end!!! Fails: 72. I didn't think the rubber ducks were THAT important so 1 rubber duck. ;)

What I mean by 'I can't play' is that I get to the main menu and I'm stuck there.

The browser I'm using automatically updates. So it's probably the game's problem. :L

I can't play the game. :L