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The enemies still deal harm no matter what.

uh comments · Replied to onion in uh comments


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ั•๏ฝแด๐•–แด›แ‚นั–๐•Ÿษกโ€ƒ๐•š๐•ค แดกส€oีธษขโ€ƒw๏ฝ‰แด›าบ ๐•ฅสœisโ€ƒ๏ฝ”๐• ๐• ๐• โฆ…ั˜๏ฝ•๏ฝ“t แด‹๏ฝ‰ิdั–๏ฝŽษข)

แดกสœyโ€ƒ๐•’m ื•โ€ƒสœ๏ฝ…r๐•–

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Ok. That was a lot of damage I took.

I'm not fine.

Edit: ____ing Flaks.

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Current Eater Abilities: Push, Shock.

Edit: So basically I have that other species.

Edit 2: I think I'll try to get back there, but with the starter species.

Sipho community · Created a new topic Why, Second Boss

The second boss is too OP (overpowered). Can you guys nerf the second boss please?? Those Flaks are pretty annoying.

...I press space and it works. I totally forgot about that.

Sipho community · Created a new topic Seriously

Those forced whirlpools are annoying me when I just want to roam around longer. >.<

Sipho community · Posted in Bugs

Typos I found: 'founded.' to 'found.', 'posicion' to 'position', 'plasing.' to 'placing.', 'incorect' to 'incorrect', 'replasing.' to 'replacing.'.

Made a mistake? I found 'ij'.

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I reached the end!!! Fails: 72. I didn't think the rubber ducks were THAT important so 1 rubber duck. ;)

What I mean by 'I can't play' is that I get to the main menu and I'm stuck there.

The browser I'm using automatically updates. So it's probably the game's problem. :L

I can't play the game. :L

Apparently for me it just shows bricks.

Heyyyy! This is my few rooms I made. It has a story to it, thanks to all the signs! :)

That's the best I could possibly do for a PuzzleScript game.

And no, I am not a robot.

I  used PuzzleScript. 3D Block Faker was already done when I was working on Crate Match.

I  used PuzzleScript. 3D Block Faker was already done when I was working on Crate Match.

Sure thing!! :D

Looks like nobody submitted an entry yet, so I submitted 2 to start it off.

3D Block Faker and Crate Match.

Also the file is called because this is no Bitsy game. This is a PuzzleScript game.

This is my first downloadable .HTML game.



oops wrong .gif

no full screen is a feature that was added to this

I found this on the PuzzleScript gallery!

I found this through the PuzzleScript gallery!

WHALE x SHIP!?!? I can't believe it.

thanks onion!

I was confused, but I never gave up. I try not to give up.

that is my attempt to speak whale. 8)


you spelled "practice" wrong


he should drink nectar, not water ._.