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Design a creature and eat your way to the top of the food chain. · By Sipho, Dominas, DanTM

Why, Second Boss

A topic by adenator09 created Aug 15, 2018 Views: 168 Replies: 4
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The second boss is too OP (overpowered). Can you guys nerf the second boss please?? Those Flaks are pretty annoying.

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Ahahahahahahahah, the third boss will be your nightmare then

There's a way to cheese the second boss: Use poison, and a lot of movement speed. The starter species' eater zooid will do, but mines are even better.

Simply lure the boss into chasing you, then spray away, while escaping, until it decides to stop chasing.  Slowly, but surely, it'll die out.

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Current Eater Abilities: Push, Shock.

Edit: So basically I have that other species.

Edit 2: I think I'll try to get back there, but with the starter species.

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Ok. That was a lot of damage I took.

I'm not fine.

Edit: ____ing Flaks.

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Prepare to fear the Leech + Stunlock wombo combo

only counter is to eat them before they eat you, and the only zooid that's effective at this is Claw