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Null DaggerView game page

A platformer where you can control the enviroment.
Submitted by Delta Key (@EscadaGames), Sucraiso (@morning_suks) — 5 minutes, 59 seconds before the deadline
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Godot version
3.1.1 Stable

Here it is:

Game description
It is a experimental platformer where the player can alter the enviroment to progress, by glitching it!

The controls are on the game page :)

Discord username
Delta-key#2283 and Sklaiser#2335

Participation level
It is our second time participating.

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Amazing. Fits the requirement of glitches so well that I think it deserves 5 stars on all 6 categories.


Dang, thanks a lot Adenator! Really, thanks a bunch! It's great to see you liked it so much!


Pterry cool dude


Thank you brooo


Glad you liked, thanks for commenting!


Hey guys, cool game!

Could have used better jump mechanics on the mushrooms, not gonna lie. If i press up while jumping on a 'shroom I expect to double jump, but first it does a low jump and then a double jump? That was frustrating.
Also you put ceilings right above some places where I had to jump, so this also created sudden unwanted things to happen.

There isn't enough of a visual cue to show that the dagger is on you and not in the ground somewhere, so a lot of "Oh...".

You should probably also buffer the throwing, because sometimes my dagger would be recalling and I'd shoot it out again, but the dagger just hadn't reached me, so nothing happened and I died instead.

With those improvements I think this would have felt a lot better, and my dying would feel more fair. There was a lot of the frustrating kind of dying you got in games of old where you felt like the controls were working against you.

Anyway, overall a fantastic take on the theme and very cool shaders. There were very few real bugs as well (some dying when I shouldn't, some living when I shouldn't). Also well done on teaching the player how to play the game in such an intuitive manner.


 Wow, thanks a lot for the feedback! It will certainly help us a lot to get better!

I'll try to make the mushrooms feel better, and change the platform positioning on some parts. About the visual cue, we'll think of something. So far the character sprite changes and a sound is played, but I guess some more visual feedback would do no harm. On the input buffering, I'm almost sure I did add it, but I might be wrong hahaha I'll check on it as well, and make it bigger if it is the case. 

Once again, thanks a bunch for the feedback, seriously! We really appreciate it!


You are more than welcome.

I meant that you should make the dagger more visible on the player. This is mostly for when I've respawned and forget to recall the dagger. I was wondering why the dagger didn't just automatically return to you on death though?

Anyway, keep at it. :D


The last level is kind of exhausting for the eyes. But all in all this is a really great game with a great mechanik and good controls. Nothing to complain!


 Happy to see you found the game great, thanks for the feedback a lot! 

 About the last level, I understand your point: we tried to make it clear that everything was slowly getting more and more glitched up, but I guess I overdid a bit on using it at the last level hahaha I'm thinking about adding some option to allow the player to change the strength of the glitch effect, so that it becomes less exhausting or even confusing. Well, once again, vielen danke für spielen!


This has been the best game I've tried so far. 

Familiar platformer look, but distinguishing "weapon".

Genuine idea with great execution!

Intuitive, quick tutorial. Simple controls. 

It has become too hard when I would have needed to convert those poison plants into mushrooms on the fly.

Excellent game! Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot for playing, and then giving us feedback, it means a lot to us :) 

Great to see that you liked it, despite it getting hard to do some of the plataforming (to say the truth, as the deadline got closer, I ended up focusing on bug fixing, and playtesting ended up being a job for Morning Suks, since I kept dying on later stages hahaha). Once again, thanks for playing and commenting, glad you liked it!


Awesome game, congrats!


 Thanks Kotzi, glad you liked it!


Really awesome game, best game played till now


Thanks a lot Ajargrey, really glad you liked it so much!


Literally the only thing I can say against this is that it would be nice for the camera to follow the mouse; in one or two places it can be a bit tricky to look before you leap otherwise.

Apart from that, it's a great concept, executed well, and with oodles of flair and polish.


 Thanks for the feedback John! Your suggestion is very welcome, and in the next version it will be present. Thanks again!


This is a masterpiece! I enjoyed every part of the game. Creative and fun implementation of the "Glitch" theme. Visuals and glitch shaders were nice. Level design was interesting and challenging. Nice work!


Thanks a lot for the feedback! It has been quite a while since we made a "bigger" game, so it's very refreshing to see that we aren't that rusty (however, we still are pretty rusty, I guess hahaha). Once again, thanks a lot for playing and saying what you thought about the game!


Good game, I love the effect of the sword.


Thanks a lot! We tried to get the theme right on the visuals, so it's great to see you liked the effect.


The game crash after the intro.


My bad, thanks for pointing it out. The HTML5 version works fine, so I'll disable downloading other versions while I try to fix this... once again, thanks a bunch.


But nice game, by the way.


Glad you liked it, at least. Again, sorry about the inconience, during the week we didn't have a lot of time to test the game... still, my fault. At least we learned the lesson, and will test the game better next time!


Works well on Windows right now. I guess you uploaded a fix already before I installed the game.


 Yes, I ended up not sleeping because of the bug hunting, but at least it's great to see that the offline version seems to work fine now hahaha thanks for testing, I hope no more game breaking glitches appear anymore...