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Thank you!  All artwork have been made by my daughter (12), the game will go into her portfolio. She is seeing the feedback as well.  Some shameless advertisement: She has an art channel on YouTube

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Minor: Sometimes the enemy animals/robots are stuck in the floor/wall. They can also "oscillate". 

Video recording:!AqEgz8G_d8TShso0o6IgpxvmXzNSVg

I've just found the terminal.  Cool simple one!  And your mails are, so corporatey! :)

Got to Level 2, opened the folder with the cat images. Fighting with the dialog boxes...

Man, this game is annoying like real old Windows 3.1/9x was... :)

It is not clear where to put those cat images, though. To the F: disk? I cannot seem to open a folder for the disk.


- Move the two icons at the bottom right behind the dialog boxes. They are in the way of clicking.

- I would allow for clicking through the colorful vertical strips appearing. It is enough punishment not seeing correctly from them, but they also capture clicks which make is hopeless when you start to have a lot of stripes.

- Number of vertical stripes should increase a bit less with failures (lower the exponent). It is too easy to get bluescreen on Level 2. (Or introduce difficulty levels.)

- Some dialogs are just flying too fast (for me at least) to click on them. Especially on Level 2 when there are two dialogs.

The game is very funny nevertheless. Good job!

Very nice platformer with good sci-fi graphics. 

How did you manage to complete it on time? :)

Music/audio/sounds are well selected.

Difficulty is very well tuned, not too hard, but not too easy.

I enjoyed playing it very much!

Minor: Space or ENTER should also be available for navigation in the main menu. (Maybe also mouse.) At that point the user does not know that he/she should use the action key (X) to start the game. It is not a problem with a gamepad, per se.

They suggest working on the core logic of your game first before spending any time on graphics. For example:

It is a matter of sticking to the right priorities.

Works well on Windows right now. I guess you uploaded a fix already before I installed the game.

This has been the best game I've tried so far. 

Familiar platformer look, but distinguishing "weapon".

Genuine idea with great execution!

Intuitive, quick tutorial. Simple controls. 

It has become too hard when I would have needed to convert those poison plants into mushrooms on the fly.

Excellent game! Keep up the good work!

Wow, a really nice platformer! I really enjoyed it. 

Gave up in the middle when it got too hard. :)

Keep up the good work!

Very professional, charming pixel art, matching music and sfx. 

I could not get far enough to decide about theme fit.

Is it intentional that you have to replay the whole tutorial whenever you die from one of the first test enemies? Maybe I just cannot play well enough, but found it a bit flustrating.

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Thank you very much.

Yes, closing the box was planned, but never implemented.

Highest result of binary addition puzzle is  62 = 31 + 31

Detail: The game makes sure you cannot get the 0 + 0 = 0 case.

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Very good game controls and mechanic. 

Nicely rigged character.  I would be interested in seeing your walk animation or code.

Too many keys to learn posed a bit of problem for me, since I'm not an avid player. Should be no problem for experienced players, though.

Time slowdown is a bit overpowered. I can just slow time, fire 50 laser shots in the direction of enemies, then release the time. The batch of laser pulses destroy all enemies in that direction. This stategy alliviated the need for the more advanced gravity manipulation / teleport tactics in battle.

Now I see, the tutorial actually says that key T recovers to the latest checkpoint. But that message is gone by the time the player is in the trap. So if that message was overlooked, then the player does not know what to do and has to close the game.

Excellent tutorial right on the first level, as it should be.

Minor problem I found is that the player can be stuck during the tutorial:

No recovery from here. ESC key does nothing. Game has to be closed with Alt-F4 and restarted to try again. I would be nice to have a quick recovery from such situations during the tutorial. Maybe later as well by going back to the beginning of level or so.

Familiar Asteroids gameplay. Very nice background and space-time glitch effect. 

I'm looking forward to see your shader code  / graph.

Funny idea, really like it!

Is there an actual Level 2 in the game? The icon is not clickable for me and there seem to be no way to "win" on Level 1.

Works for me on Windows 10. Dropped out into the void at the edge of map. Then I noticed that the task is to follow waypoints.

Thank you very much! I forward it to the artists.

On binary addition: Don't worry. That's just because we don't exercise binary addition every day.

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I've just tried to record the problem with OBS: video

It is 90 degrees for me on my screen, but varying angle on the recording.

I have a 4k display running the game in windowed mode (not full screen). So the mouse coordinate space is not the same as the game's viewport.

I suggest to orient your player according to the angle of the vector pointing from the player's global position to the mouse global position.


I cannot find any video listed there on playing Godot Wild Jam games. Could you please make sure it is listed or point us to the actual video? (Sorry if I'm overlooking something on Twitch.)

It does rotate, but its hand is always 90 degrees counter-clockwise from the direction of the mouse.

All I could do it destroying those three boxes by shooting enough skulls on them. What's next?

Please upload the EXE and the PCK in a single ZIP file next time. This way it does not lunch from the Itch App. Those two files have to be downloaded separately into the same folder to run your game.

Unique gameplay and original storyline. The game is as weird as it should be, not more, not less. It took me about a minute to realize that the letter is actually the main menu of the game, LOL :)

It is a very enjoyable game with retro music and pixel style graphics.

Killed all the enemies on the first floor, collected 4/4 gold balls in about 10 minutes. Then glitched through to the second floor.

Found no bugs other than some (maybe intentional) graphical glitches here and there, like vertical white lines between the tiles and some black rectangles flashing randomly. I'm not sure whether they were intentional.

I think the map should show the doors as connections between the rooms. It would allow the player to see where are undiscovered rooms.

Robots were too easy to kill.

All in all, it has been the best entry I have played so far. Congratulations!

Thank you very much for streaming it!

Where can we find the recording of your stream?

Tried on Windows 10

Hand aim was 90 degrees off, which prevented me from killing the guards on the third screen.

Based on your description the game has a relatively long story line, which I would really like to try. 

Waiting on an update fixing the controls.

Managed to play the browser version in Chrome.

Installed on Windows 10 using the Itch App. Game started up to welcome screen. Loading bar worked. Then I got the game music in my left ear only with a blank screen with scrollbars:

Yes, my audio settings and headphone were good, tested them before playing.

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Thank you very much for the detailed feedback!

You are especially on the point regarding the third room.  That will need to be fixed.