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Tried on Windows 10

Hand aim was 90 degrees off, which prevented me from killing the guards on the third screen.

Based on your description the game has a relatively long story line, which I would really like to try. 

Waiting on an update fixing the controls.

hey thanks for playing, unfortunately I didn't quite understand by 90 degrees off. Does the player not rotate 360 degrees when you move the mouse in a circle above or around him ?


What h means is that the mouse is in one direction, and the player faces 90° off from that direction

It does rotate, but its hand is always 90 degrees counter-clockwise from the direction of the mouse.

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I've just tried to record the problem with OBS: video

It is 90 degrees for me on my screen, but varying angle on the recording.

I have a 4k display running the game in windowed mode (not full screen). So the mouse coordinate space is not the same as the game's viewport.

I suggest to orient your player according to the angle of the vector pointing from the player's global position to the mouse global position.


Ahh, got it,. Ill try and fix it. :)