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Save Your FatherView game page

Entry for June 2019 Godot Wild Jam
Submitted by FleecyFly — 10 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Godot version
3.1.1 stable


Game description
Save your father from the prison by glitching through a security system while solving simple puzzles.

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First one

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I really like the art in this game~ I didn't particularly like the controls ~ I would get stuck on the vase on the second level while trying to get to the wire and cut it and I had to do the movement very accurately for that. 
However I couldn't find how the game was connected to the theme~ other than the description "Glitching through the system". Which I am not sure I even found out to what it was referring. 

Nevertheless, enjoyable experience.


I really like the art, and I learned something new at the end! :D


I love the artwork.  I'm sure a ton of work went into animating the main character.  This is a neat stealth puzzler you've got here!


Thank you!  All artwork have been made by my daughter (12), the game will go into her portfolio. She is seeing the feedback as well.  Some shameless advertisement: She has an art channel on YouTube

First I was surprised that the game plays in a three dimensional room. That's a really cool idea. Picking up the tools and using them worked perfectly. I also think the balancing between the movement of the character and the light circles was pretty good. 

I enjoyed the art and music style and evading the cameras pretty much. 

I think the binary calculation task is a cool Idea. And also that the tasks are randomised. But I got some tasks which I couldn't enter in the solution boxes (the result was to big).. Also there is no direct way to close that box, expect walking into a camera detection area. I tried pressing the Escape Button which endet up in closing the game instantly. I think these are little points to improve on.

Overall I think you did a pretty good job there :)!!! 

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you very much.

Yes, closing the box was planned, but never implemented.

Highest result of binary addition puzzle is  62 = 31 + 31

Detail: The game makes sure you cannot get the 0 + 0 = 0 case.

Omg I'm so stupid, I read it from the wrong side xD. Thanks for that insight :).

Submitted (1 edit)

Nice art and music. I enjoyed playing it :) 

Also, even tho I know about binary adding, I don't know why I struggled in that part.


Thank you very much! I forward it to the artists.

On binary addition: Don't worry. That's just because we don't exercise binary addition every day.


I enjoyed streaming this game. I didn't really see how "glitch" came into play, but the game itself was actually pretty fun, if somewhat difficult. The graphics were toight, even if the user interface needed some work. :P I liked the music, fairly original gameplay. My favorite bit was how the security lights followed where the lights rotated themselves - was a really nice effect.


Thank you very much for streaming it!

Where can we find the recording of your stream?



I cannot find any video listed there on playing Godot Wild Jam games. Could you please make sure it is listed or point us to the actual video? (Sorry if I'm overlooking something on Twitch.)


It's in the previous streams, but it for some reason has the wrong title.


I don't know why but I super love this game, Nice work, easy to adapt and fun to play


D'aww, Sneaky Girl is so cute! I really enjoyed the art on this one. The music is upbeat, the feeling of sneaky through security systems is a lot of fun, and the binary addition puzzle is a really nice touch.

The controls are a little light. Your movement is tied to the perspective; pressing up won't move you up on the screen, but towards the foreground. That takes a little getting used to, but it makes sense. What makes it tricky is the fact that it takes the character a little while to get up to speed, which makes it quite hard to dodge around the security cameras.

I was stuck for a little while on the last room, as it wasn't immediately clear that I could open the desk when I was stood next to it (or that I could cut the wires on the cameras - my first time, I got through the game without doing so at all). A little icon floating above the desk/wire when you're in range would be helpful.

All in all, though, this is a really solid entry. Keep going! I'd love to see what else you come up with.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback!

You are especially on the point regarding the third room.  That will need to be fixed.


The character movement feels a bit clunky. The overall artwork looking pretty nice and the bit puzzle was fun idea. Walking back through the second room is a nightmare though.


Cute artwork. You managed to make a decent stealth game without gimmicky glitch aesthetic.