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Awesome shader! just what i needed for my horror project. 

Is it true that the saturation and brightness shader are the same shader?

Congrats on winning the jam! 

Thanks for playing. 

If a bee landed on a glitched flower, the bee would glitch and search a bunny to sting, and then the bunny would glitch and search the player:) 

Will take a look at the gdwc2019. 

I really like the art, and I learned something new at the end! :D

Yeah those were all in the planning, but cut do to time :( 

but glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for playing! 

We all had less time than expected during development week, so it didn't include everything we wanted. 

But glad to hear you enjoyed it.

I accidenly packed the project instead of building a executable, it should be fine now

I updated the executables, should work fine now

I like it! 

it's a simple but solid game. 

only thing I would suggest is a short tooltip whenever you selecte or hoover over a spell as a reminder what the spell does. 

And maybe make the game snap to a grid for clarity?

yay :D

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one thing that could improve the game would be to have to choose between 2 characters to kill

This is just the type of games I love, will play it tonight and write a review soon after 

I love the graphics 👍

love the low poly aesthetic! was fun to play through, but sometimes the physics could get frustrating. (like when stacking boxes)

I really like the background music! :)

It did take me a few tries to find out that I had to shop for new energy but after that the game really started to shine, it was a fun experience

Thanks for playing! It was the plan to abruptly end the game to get het message across ;) but yeah with some more time I would have added some more content/checkpoints/music etc :) 

Will check out your game in a minute!

Thanks for playing,, and glad to hear you had a good time with it.

Originally it was the plan to have 1 level/room for each feature, but I ran out of time for the jam deadline :)

Someday he will get his fight ;) 

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Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing! glad to hear you had a great time with it

Submitting 28sec before deadline should get it's own price ;) 

Thanks for playing! 

There will be a post-jam version in which I add and improve  many of the things I didn't have time for during the jam. And I might just put 1 epic bossfight in it haha :) 

Same :)

A quite simple game.

Controls work fine, but (IMHO) the game didn't do a lot with the  theme of the jam.

I did like the parallax effect!

Great work! I really liked how this game showed the mechanics working behind a simple platformer game :) Great use of theme

Would play a full version of this! 

Loved all those  references to other games

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not sure how the controls work, doesn't seem to respond to any keypress

great concept!

Nice work! it's a pretty tough game I must say :)

Nice start, the jumping felt a bit too floaty and kinda hoped the game would move to a other section after the shooting part

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I suck at puzzle games, but from what I played it was a really fun little game! 

Also the controls are great and subtle way of using   "code logic" .

Neat concept! I liked defending my code from those nasty bugs! it does get unfair when all my controlls are infected and I can only stand still and shoot around me, but I enjoyed my time with the game

Thanks alot! 

Thx! Fun fact: had the  enemies coded to chase the player, but decided to make them static, because it reflected the idea of a first time Gamedev project more:) 

Thanks for playing and will give your game a try and rating:)

Thanks for playing!  Skippable dialogue and respawning after the collision cutscene was something I wanted to include but didn't have time to  because of the jam deadline:) 

Will make a post-jam version that will be bigger and has those quality of life improvements. 

Thanks for playing! Yeah that will be the first thing I add in my post - jam update :) 

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Thanks for playing! Original plan was to make multiple levels which all were based around 1 upgrade, a soundtrack and some more polish, but I ran out of time and it was either this or missing the deadline:) 

If people enjoy it I probably release a post-jam version, in which is bigger and more to my original vision. 

Thanks for playing, you mean the epic bossfight? ;)