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Thank you very much!

It took me a while to understand how to equip a weapon. The store menu is pretty cool the warranty is pretty unbalanced. After finding out how to shoot I was able to buy everything directly. And after that there was nothing else left to do. The glitches were a nice addition, but a few of them are not really obvious.

The jump/ hover feels a bit wierd. I guess it would feel better if you cap the height. Could fit well on an smartphone if you refine it a bit.

Great mechanic's with poor key settings. I would have loved to play more, but the controls are not intuitive enough to remember them all and smashing keys till you find the right one was killing it for me. But great job non the less, you but a amazing amount of content into 1 week!

I really like how you build in the glitch theme. A bit more explanation for the distracting blocks would have been helpful, as the others already mentioned

I think the concept would work better with a limited amount of bullets. Damage through enemies was (at least as far as I played) no real problem. The mechanic of repairing the floor is pretty cool.

Interesting concept and cute graphics. A Game over screen or something would be nice. I fell down the pit on the left and had to restart, because nothing else was happening anymore

Well... that was the most disturbing version of pacman I ever played

Very interesting game concept. I really liked the letter at the beginneng and the wierd bug stories. The gameplay of the game hinks a bit behing though

A dedicated button for running would make the controls 100% better. I like the respawn system and the overall look of the game.

The rooms are auto generated, so I can't tell you for sure. But as a hint I can tell you that there are secret rooms which are just available through glitching. Try following the arrow and glitch through walls where the arrow is directly pointing to

Simple astroid gameplay with really nice graphical effects!

Would you mind sharing the shader code with us?

Nice metroid clone. The music was extremly loud for a headset user. the sudden change of the controls could have been better indicated. The voiceover does a great job in creating the right atmosphere! Aside the monster who stuck in the wall this game feels pretty polished. It does not feel like a one week project

Reminds me of the drive parts from mass effect 1, but more difficult to control. The respawn animation looks nice, but actually respawing leads to restarting the game because nothing works anymore. Driving backwards feels somthing off, too.

The last level is kind of exhausting for the eyes. But all in all this is a really great game with a great mechanik and good controls. Nothing to complain!

Managed to survive exaclty 1 minute. The alien is super cute. I think it would be helpful, if there where any indication where the screen is moving towards next and the movement could be a bit faster.

You are a cute racoon .)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank your really much for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed our game!

Thanks for the advice! Glad you enjoyed our game!

The voice is hilarious! The error messages sometimes didn't respond, which can be frustrating, but it was still a fun experience.

I really like the perspective and the challenge. Moonwalking between the goons is quite fun.
Was able to fly through the ground at one point, but I guess this is not the secret glitch?

The character movement feels a bit clunky. The overall artwork looking pretty nice and the bit puzzle was fun idea. Walking back through the second room is a nightmare though.

Really a well-made game. Loving the Graphics and it feels polished! The combat system is a bit clunky still. Running in circles while hitting makes sure nothing hits you.

I had to close it, because it did not react at all.

looks good. Sadly I got a error when I solved the tiger, dragon, snake thing and after juming down in the following room the game froze :/

You guys did a really good job! The only critique I found is I have to jump with Z. Y and Z are switched on german keyboards so it's really hard to have fingers on X and Z for me.

My favorite this far! Great job!

Did not start for me :/ (Windows)

You  are sadistic!