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Diver DownView game page

Dive on walls in this stealth platformer!
Submitted by Delta Key (@EscadaGames), Sucraiso (@sucraiso) — 11 minutes, 3 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version

http://Sure, it's on the game page :)

Game Description
It's a stealth platformer about diving on walls!

I included a small tutorial in the beginning of the game.

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This game was both amazingly fun and incredibly creative. Terrific theme adaptation, and awesome pacing. Loved every bit of it. I found a bug where the character can be outside the blocks and still be considered inside them. It has something to do with entering left corners from the left down side. If I get the time tomorrow I will record it. Loved the pixel art style, very cute and well executed.  The level design allowed for speed runs and also creative ways to finish each level, so props on that :D.

What I didn't like:

Mang... I would've loved it if I had been given another key to jump since I love WASD so much and the space bar too, just a minor thing :D.


 Thanks a lot for playing and for the praise! I really tried to make the level design and the pacing feel great, and seeing that someone did notice these things (including the speedrun shortcuts) is very rewarding. About the bug, I'll try to reproduce it as well, thanks for pointing it out and giving some info on how it happened!

 Also, sorry for the limited controls, I'll definetly add more options on future games, and on this one as well in a future update :)

 Finally, in case you are interested, this video helped me a lot on how to make better Level Design, allowing for different play styles and skill levels. I still got lots to improve, but this video already helped me a gigantic amount. Once again, thanks a lot for your feedback!


Great video for sure. I have already watched it, and I loved every second of it. Keep up the great work man!


Awesome, perfectly fits the theme and fun to boot! I found a small bug where if you change your direction, you can "dive out" of the wall, but actually be aimed into another wall. Then you can "dive in" and be hidden outside the walls. In the screenshot I was originally inside one tile down and one right, I aimed up, pressed X, then quickly switched my aim to the top-left.

Also, it's possible to get stuck on the early stages since you can dive into the floor but can't aim up to get out.


Really glad you found the game fun, and thanks for playing it as well!

 Also, thanks for pointing out this bug and giving instructions to reproduce it. I was able to do so, and fixing it will be much easier now. I couldn't get stuck on the early stages however, but I'll surely try again later. Thanks for pointing this out as well!


This game was awesome, absolutely loved the hiding concept and it's a spin on stealth that i hadn't seen before. I also really like the visuals, super cute. My only complaint would be that some tiles are only lit a few pixels , almost non distinguishable, but i still got spotted there. Maybe I just need to git gud! One of the most polished games on this jam by far.

here is where i got spotted, but i definitely need to get better at the game!

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Ohhhh dayum!


 Thanks a lot Guille, really happy you liked it overall! Also thanks a lot for the feedback on pointing out that the lights are a bit off in some parts. That's definitely not intended, and it's pretty hard to notice as well hahaha

Jam HostSubmitted(+2)

Duuuude. This was a game I thoroughly enjoyed! It felt very polished, almost a complete product! It also linked well with the theme, oh and sound design was spot on too.


 Thanks Lentsius, really glad you liked it so much! You know, after spending some time making games using the TIC-80, where there are some big limitations on how to make games, I started to give more attention to polish and sound. It seems it's working (Godot also helps a lot hahaha).

 Once again, thanks for the feedback and for playing !

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

I just checked out what TIC-80 was and boy is that a brilliant idea. Looks like this did help you indeed as I feel too many people doing jams pay too little attention to polish, losing sight of what's important when the time is up.

Whatever it is you're doing, it's working. Oh and forgot to mention how much I enjoyed your art as well.


Beat it in eleven minutes, and loved every second. Great concept, perfectly executed, awesome presentation.


Great, really happy you liked it! Thanks for playing!


My favorite this far! Great job!


Thanks a lot! We really tried to make this game feel nice and polished, so it's very nice to read that it's your favorite this far :)


You guys did a really good job! The only critique I found is I have to jump with Z. Y and Z are switched on german keyboards so it's really hard to have fingers on X and Z for me.


 Dang, sorry about that! I should start making the controls be either Arrow Keys+ZX keys or WASD+JK keys, or even Arrow keys+XC keys: it seems that should fix things up. Thanks a lot for pointing it out!

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