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Alright alright alright! beat the game and got the multiple endings...and wonder I couldn't get the good's really damn dark haha. I loved it. 

The lighting and texturing is just on point!! Did you model the assets yourself? the displacement and everything else is just great! I wish the game were a little longer. Good atmostphere, and music choice.

Do you plan on expanding this a bit more? Keep up the great work!

I should jump on making 3d games in Godot already, I know you used Unreal. Great stuff once again!

yaayy. Let me give it another try. Thanks for letting me know :)

Loved everything about the game but the damn quick rotation of the mouse. That gave me too much motion sickness, so I had to stop playing the game. I got the worst ending, the one that you get right away, and couldn't find anything else. I just feel like certain things could've been made more apparent.

I'll try to play again once the motion sickness is gone. 

Hey, thanks a lot for playing! Looked at the video and took notes on what to improve on for the release of a better and more polished build :D. Everything that was missing is there, and  a bit more :D. Hope you want to give it another try when I upload it this week :).

Dude, thank you so much for playing and streaming my game :D, and also thank you for all the valuable feedback. I forgot to update the description, and also a lot of stuff didn't make it into the game. I am new to Godot, and this was my second jam after months of not touching it. I am glad you liked it, and thank you so much for the follow!  I'll make sure i add the following, which I didn't have time to:

gamepad support

Jumping with SpaceBar


Tutorials on how to play

feedback for the enemies upon collision with the bullets and all other things.

New sprites

Puzzle mechanics.

Hope to see you try it again soon :D

bro... this game is super polished! totally loved it! I think the 4k resolution messed up the mouse detection for the buttons or something? I was only able to click underneath the buttons in the main menu.  I enjoyed the music and the concept. Everything was pretty solidly executed.  I feel like  picking up speed takes a bit too long, or maybe we just start too slow? that made me a bit impatient ahaha. I was able to hit max speed like twice and medium like every time I played. I wish the sideway movement was a bit snappier/faster, since I got hit right after getting to the empty tracks during the transition :'(. Gotta love how clean everything looks man! you guys did an awesome job! truly inspiring. Why the name Celantro? that sounds like a Veggie in Spanish ahaha.

Awesome work! would love to see more =D

The things I loved:

The graphics:

man! you did a great job there, everything feels polished, and nothing feels out of place. Love the style.

The sounds:

Beautiful sound effects, very charming, and it blends so well into the gameplay. Smooth, and very lovely.

The character controls really well, and the camera doesn't get in the way. Really smooth too.

What I didn't like:

well, just the fact that it only had one level, and was too short. I don't feel like it does the theme much justice, but we all run out of time, especially with bigger levels of polish. I just wish I hadn't been booted out of the game after winning :'(. I wanted to do more pretty things mang! Please update this after the rating is  over and gimme MOAR!!

good job!

You'll see more levels for sure brother! And yes, I ran out of time haha. I will make an update with more levels. I am just sad that you can only play 2 levels out of the 4 I packed the game with because I left out one node that takes you to level 3.  I'll make sure I commit to 20 levels once the rating is done. Make sure to follow me for some cool updates. Thanks for playing!

haha thank you, glad you enjoyed it. I'll make the animations better since this was to save time. Had I had less of a stressful week I would've been able to fully animate him. He'll only get funnier as I work on the game :D.

If I donate my half first, will he only need to donate his, and wait for someone to do this for us, or how does this work?

as soon as possible. I already have my part of the money. Sorry I didn't reply any faster brother. We can split it in half.  100 a head. I just want this in my life. Shoot me a direct message on either Twitter or my Gmail since I'm more likely to see replies in both faster. 

@punisherx6 Twitter Gmail(obviously xD)

hey, I'd love to have support for GMs 2 in tiled. If you want we can split this in half. 100 and 100 so we can get the plugging out soon. What do say?

Pretty lovelypuzzle game with a  cute minimalist art style. Everything is straight forward and pretty simple to understand. Good color choices as well. I just wish holding the jump button didn't make you jump instantly. Maybe give players the option to switch between the two jump types? Keep it up man, you're on the right path.

hahaa, will keep that in mind XD.

Thanks. I am glad the parts I put the most emphasis on came out well :D. Thanks for playing!

 Thank you :D.  Wish I had been able to make sure the life would stick to the screen and other things.  The dash is also too fun haha. Glad you liked it!

Great video for sure. I have already watched it, and I loved every second of it. Keep up the great work man!

Loved the graphics, the combat and the sound effects too. I loved the nom nom sfx XD. Always a nice touch. The game was fairly interesting to me, but I really started hating the sound of the sword after clashing with everything. Perhaps giving it a slightly different pitch to it every swing would've made it a lot more bearable. Loved the models and the fire  too. The lighting as sweet too,and having it be 2.5 d was a great choice. Background music would've been awesome to have for sure.

I feel like the player could've used a few invincible frames after getting damaged by the enemies. I was put against a wall and got raped to death XD.

  Good job! Hope you keep working on it.

Nice atmosphere, cool sound effects. The lighting was cool too.  This game looks a lot longer than what I thought it'd be. I liked it, but the biggest issue was the enemy fights. I ran into 1 and won. Then ran into another one, and lost, but was still alive, but then right after it said the same thing and I lost? how so??? I didn't even move! I must've been put in a choke hod XD. This game has potential, but it totally needs to be tweaked in the direction department. I knew I was moving...but the lack of a map/guide makes it a bit confusing. I know it  must've been too time consuming to do something like that, but maybe add some food steps to show where you've bee? "You walked through the mud outside, now your boots are all dirty and have started to leave footprint behind." That could've been a clever implementation, or just let the plaeyr draw dots or something. The choices are endless. Totally looking forward to more!

Nothing short of amazing!

The music, the sound effects, the lighting, the atmosphere...Just great!

I feel like the ship could've gone up and down a bit faster. The zoom in and out feature was just freaking great! I want more now  :D.

Also, those graphics...jesus man...painting all of that must've taken ages cause they look gorgeous.

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Smooth controls, gorgeous lighting and great atmospheric music.  I love the movement of the character and the camera as well. For some weird reason my camera movement was reversed? I had to restart the game and it fixed it. totally loved the twist on the color puzzles after the basics had been established.

What I didn't like abou the game:

I want more, and i don't have more.

Hope you guys decide to push forward with it. lots of potential.

Loved the game a lot, and was expecting MOAAAR! very atmospheric I should say. Those pesky watchers were annoying! arrrgg!!!

I feel like the game would benefited tremendously from some good background  music too, but hey, I know how hard it is to make the game in such a short time and also model those beautiful textures and models ! All sounds were a huge plus to the game as it made everything more believable and intense.

Great implementation of the theme. I always love playing some 3d games too :D

The camera control was  a very welcome addition, but still needs a liiiittle bit of tweaking.

This game was both amazingly fun and incredibly creative. Terrific theme adaptation, and awesome pacing. Loved every bit of it. I found a bug where the character can be outside the blocks and still be considered inside them. It has something to do with entering left corners from the left down side. If I get the time tomorrow I will record it. Loved the pixel art style, very cute and well executed.  The level design allowed for speed runs and also creative ways to finish each level, so props on that :D.

What I didn't like:

Mang... I would've loved it if I had been given another key to jump since I love WASD so much and the space bar too, just a minor thing :D.

oh I completely forgot about that! thanks for the heads up!

great. I'll give it a try tomorrow.  Btw, I started using Godot and have a game already :D!! I joined the Godot wild jam 2, so I'll be posting my game soon 🙋🙋🙋

ohhh I see. Please add gamepad support. I'd be really lovely :D. In a few days from now I'll make sure I have 3 demosnofbthe games I have been making. Hope you and people like hand-drawn games. 

I am also looking forward to learning Godot too :). I use GameMaker studio 1 and 2 for my game. 

I liked the game a lot. There were things I didn't like though:

I think it'd be great if the player could decide how high the jump could be. that'd make platforming a lot tighter. No background music? how come? that's all this cute game is missing bro! There are a ton of free online resources you could use. I'll be making a demo of my game, hopefully people will play it :D. Keep it up!

Dude this game feels damn great! Everything is just perfect. Sounds, BG music, the mechanics, gameplay, everything! It's also beautiful in the visuals department. Great job!