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Just played and finished this game for the first time and I must say it's such a shame I didn't get to play it up until now. Very well done. Loved the art, sounds, and music.

I wish I could move while just pointing with the gun at least, but Im sure this was intentional to make it more tense, which truly added up to the atmosphere and tension of the game.

I realized there was some sort of gamepad  support, just directionals. For the WASD, I wish I was able to interact with something other than E and W. I think that was the only minor issues I encountered. Is the Updated build available through download only?

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I loooove everything about this game. My only issue is that it crashed after I was in the recipes menu, or at least the ones I've collected, and I pressed M or N, and i just could do anything else other than pausing while in it, and un-pausing. This looks very polished, very nicely put together Doc. I loved your AM2R game, and now that you're working with Unity, I'd like to ask, how does the 2d workflow of Unity compares to Gamemaker's?

I'll give this game one more try later today, but an awesome entry for sure!

Very glad you enjoyed our game :D. That's a great suggestion, and as Jor said, we'll take that into consideration for sure!

I'll make sure we have a lot of the things I want to get done work with the rectangle selection tool too to speed up the level making process.
Thanks a lot for playing!

Pretty fun and gorgeous game for sure. I left some more feedback in here!

Truly enjoyed this entry a lot. You can watch me giving a try here!

How do you even get these many minigames? that's crazy good! not only that, they all use the same mechanic really damn well. At first I was lost since I missed out on the tutorial button, but after reading that I was right at home.

Very creative, and a good amount of cute artwork too. Unbelievable. The minigames also don't feel too long, but sometimes too short because I wanted to play for longer haha.

Great job so far, for real!

Level Name: A Journey With No Return


[ { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 512.0, "y": 448.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 1088.0, "y": 1536.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 1088.0, "y": 1664.0 }, { "obj": "obj_end_goal", "x": 3712.0, "y": 448.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3712.0, "y": 256.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3840.0, "y": 256.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3520.0, "y": 256.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3968.0, "y": 512.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3968.0, "y": 384.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3968.0, "y": 256.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3904.0, "y": 640.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 3456.0, "y": 704.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 4032.0, "y": 128.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 3904.0, "y": 128.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 3776.0, "y": 128.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 3648.0, "y": 128.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 3520.0, "y": 128.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 4096.0, "y": 320.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 4096.0, "y": 384.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 4096.0, "y": 448.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 4096.0, "y": 512.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 4096.0, "y": 576.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 4096.0, "y": 640.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 4032.0, "y": 704.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 4032.0, "y": 768.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3904.0, "y": 768.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3776.0, "y": 768.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3648.0, "y": 768.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3520.0, "y": 768.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3392.0, "y": 768.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3392.0, "y": 704.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3392.0, "y": 640.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3392.0, "y": 576.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3392.0, "y": 512.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3392.0, "y": 448.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3392.0, "y": 384.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3392.0, "y": 320.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3392.0, "y": 256.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3392.0, "y": 192.0 }, { "obj": "obj_enemy_goomba", "x": 3904.0, "y": 1787.0 }, { "obj": "obj_enemy_goomba", "x": 3072.0, "y": 2107.0 }, { "obj": "obj_enemy_goomba", "x": 3072.0, "y": 2107.0 }, { "obj": "obj_enemy_goomba", "x": 3904.0, "y": 1787.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3136.0, "y": 2112.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3008.0, "y": 2112.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3968.0, "y": 1792.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3840.0, "y": 1792.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 3648.0, "y": 1920.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_J", "x": 3328.0, "y": 2240.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 4288.0, "y": 960.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 4032.0, "y": 1152.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3712.0, "y": 1408.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 3264.0, "y": 1728.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 4288.0, "y": 1024.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 4032.0, "y": 1216.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3712.0, "y": 1472.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3264.0, "y": 1792.0 }, { "obj": "obj_enemy_goomba", "x": 2368.0, "y": 1531.0 }, { "obj": "obj_enemy_goomba", "x": 2624.0, "y": 1147.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 2432.0, "y": 1536.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 2304.0, "y": 1536.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 2688.0, "y": 1152.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 2560.0, "y": 1152.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 2816.0, "y": 896.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_J", "x": 2624.0, "y": 1664.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_J", "x": 2880.0, "y": 1280.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 2176.0, "y": 704.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2176.0, "y": 576.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 2304.0, "y": 704.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 2304.0, "y": 576.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 2240.0, "y": 448.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 2112.0, "y": 448.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 2048.0, "y": 704.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 2048.0, "y": 576.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1536.0, "y": 448.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1280.0, "y": 448.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1536.0, "y": 576.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1344.0, "y": 704.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1280.0, "y": 576.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1408.0, "y": 576.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1408.0, "y": 1088.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1408.0, "y": 960.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1408.0, "y": 832.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1472.0, "y": 704.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1408.0, "y": 448.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1408.0, "y": 320.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1408.0, "y": 192.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1408.0, "y": 64.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 640.0, "y": 128.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 640.0, "y": 0.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 896.0, "y": 0.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 896.0, "y": 128.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 512.0, "y": 576.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 640.0, "y": 256.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 640.0, "y": 384.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 896.0, "y": 384.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 896.0, "y": 256.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 896.0, "y": 512.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 768.0, "y": 512.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 640.0, "y": 512.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 512.0, "y": 896.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 960.0, "y": 896.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 960.0, "y": 960.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 512.0, "y": 960.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 512.0, "y": 1344.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 960.0, "y": 1280.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 960.0, "y": 1088.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 512.0, "y": 1152.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 512.0, "y": 1472.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_spikes", "x": 960.0, "y": 1408.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 512.0, "y": 1728.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 512.0, "y": 1856.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 512.0, "y": 1984.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 512.0, "y": 2112.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 512.0, "y": 2240.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 960.0, "y": 2560.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 960.0, "y": 2432.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 960.0, "y": 2304.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 960.0, "y": 2176.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 960.0, "y": 2048.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 704.0, "y": 2624.0 }, { "obj": "obj_player", "x": 704.0, "y": 2877.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 832.0, "y": 2624.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 576.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 960.0, "y": 2688.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 960.0, "y": 2816.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 576.0, "y": 2816.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 960.0, "y": 2944.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 832.0, "y": 2944.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 704.0, "y": 2944.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 576.0, "y": 2944.0 }, { "obj": "obj_stage_controller", "x": -192.0, "y": 64.0, "_stageName": "A Journey With No Return", "_fire": 43.0 } ]

We ask ourselves that too haha. It's definitely a crazily scoped fun game. I am very glad you liked our work!
Hope you come back for the post-jam version of it. As Sony would say:

" Greatness Awaits!"

Thanks a lot for playing!

Oh man, thank you so much for the kind words! truly warms my heart to get so much love for my art <3. I am beyond happy with the reception of the game in its current state. There's a lot of things we wanted in the game that didn't make it, but that we're now getting to add it. Most of the programming was done by Jor. By the time I joined Alot of the game was already in place, so i had to make sure I delivered, and as you can see, we've gotten nothing but love from you guys.

Thanks a lot for playing Mavvy!

glad you liked it!

We'll be including tool tips with the next release, and bug fixes. A lot has been revamped already. We're trying to make things a lot more intuitive for sure!

Glad you liked it! we got some levelsl you can import in the comments!
Thanks for playing!

This game is very addicting, and also way too damn cute. Great job!

Level Name: One Hell Of a Climb!


[ { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 4800.0, "y": 384.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 3584.0, "y": 1280.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 2944.0, "y": 1216.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 2560.0, "y": 832.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1600.0, "y": 192.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 1600.0, "y": 704.0 }, { "obj": "obj_fire_block", "x": 576.0, "y": 832.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1088.0, "y": 640.0 }, { "obj": "obj_player", "x": 1600.0, "y": 2749.0 }, { "obj": "obj_end_goal", "x": 4800.0, "y": 768.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 4928.0, "y": 1152.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 4928.0, "y": 768.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 4096.0, "y": 960.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 4544.0, "y": 1024.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 4288.0, "y": 640.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 4160.0, "y": 1024.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 3456.0, "y": 128.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 3456.0, "y": 512.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 3456.0, "y": 896.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_J", "x": 3584.0, "y": 1280.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_J", "x": 3904.0, "y": 1664.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_J", "x": 4288.0, "y": 1792.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_J", "x": 4928.0, "y": 2048.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 4608.0, "y": 1728.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 4352.0, "y": 2176.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 4224.0, "y": 2176.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3712.0, "y": 2368.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 3072.0, "y": 2112.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2944.0, "y": 2112.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2560.0, "y": 1600.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2560.0, "y": 1472.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2560.0, "y": 1344.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 2496.0, "y": 2048.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_J", "x": 3328.0, "y": 1664.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 2496.0, "y": 1280.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 2048.0, "y": 704.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1920.0, "y": 704.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1216.0, "y": 512.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_L", "x": 128.0, "y": 896.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 704.0, "y": 1024.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 1152.0, "y": 1280.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 1152.0, "y": 1600.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 576.0, "y": 1600.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 320.0, "y": 1984.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 512.0, "y": 2368.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ladder", "x": 1216.0, "y": 2432.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1856.0, "y": 2816.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1728.0, "y": 2816.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1600.0, "y": 2816.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1472.0, "y": 2816.0 }, { "obj": "obj_ice_block_1", "x": 1344.0, "y": 2816.0 }, { "obj": "obj_stage_controller", "x": -192.0, "y": 64.0, "_stageName": "One Hell Of a Climb!", "_fire": 1.0 } ]

"I wish we could adjust the tiles property better, it's a permanent upgrade which makes it hard to design easier or harder parts."Thank you! We'll take this into condieration! There are some cool things I've been wokring on, so make sure to give both me and mightyjorn a follow for more cool things!
Thanks a lot for playing!

It was pretty ambitious for sure! Glad you liked our work!
If you get to make any levels make sure to pos them here!

Marcus, for the love of everything you cherish, leave my tridents alone! haha. I loved that feature*! Hit me up either on twitter(@punisherx6), faster, or through here when you got a new build for the game.

Dude, I loved the game. Im coming back for more!

Pretty fun and challenging game, which truly followed the theme to its core. The lack of controller support had me pulling my hairs out haha.

Will be playing this one again soon!
Watch the vod here:

Had a blast with this entry for sure. Good atmosphere, for more feedback check out hte vod here!

Truly loved the concept and artstyle. Here's far more feedback:

It was a interesting take on the jam themes. Here's far more feedback:

Gave your game a try, you can find the video here!

Played your game and gave you some feedback. 
Check out the vod:

Im live playing some of the creations for the gamejam #Vimjam3

Come through!

Submit your game here!


Gonna be streaming the game in a bit, so if you can tune in to twitch, go ahead. Yeah, I never saw the tent. It was just the fire, and nothing else.
Would love to play your game in glorious 4k fullscreen!

damn, I wanted more Foxies :'(. It is for a good cause though!
I'll check out your other game. You did a great job for sure. I also hate the arrow keys. I run away from them like the plague haha.

(1 edit)

Just played this, and let me tell you, this is a banger! You guys truly went above and beyond with the theme, multi-use. The graphics, the sound and the simple gameplay. truly delightful. 

I was a bit lost at first because I was reading the text on the top portion of the screen, and I did try using my stick as an axe, but man...little did I know I had an array of tools with this skinny fellow!
I did find the tree chopping mechanic a bit non-intuitive, and a bit inaccurate at times,  unless you understood the same stick is used for everything else. Once it clicked I found it genius!

I think the truly one and only biggest offender was the lack of fullscreen here. I was clicking outside the game window constly, and this was a bit too sad. I must ask...y U no fullscreen mang?

Truly one of the heavy hitters of this jam. Wish I had not decided to play this game so late, and left it for tomorrow to stream it along with the other games.

Great job guys!

Edit: Another thing I forgot to mention, I was never able to go to the next night...where was the tent? i never found it. I''ll give thi sa go tomorrow again on stream. Hope to see you guys there!
treblig_punisher is my twitch page :D

Glad it was fun for you!
Make sure you share your creations in the comments so others can play too :D. Thanks a lot for playing!

I loved this from the main menu. Very well put together.  I loved the atmosphere, graphics and music, along with the animations. One thing I disliked a bit was the camera. At some points it was a bit too far, so I couldn't see well where could be walked to or not.  The part that I enjoyed the least was being forced to go through the apple eating animation every single time I had to go back. It was very cute the first couple times, but a waste of time for the rest of the playthrough.  Damn, I just wish the game was longer, I was getting too attached to it.

For future reference, make sure animations can be skipped enitrely after seen once. make interactions like those optional. Now my other issue was the controls. WASD + Arrow keys never fails, except when the Z key is the only way to interact with the apple. I was playing on WASD, and it was not a nice experience. I wish keybinding had been a thing, but the amount of quality and care put into this shows given the short time. It was well worth it!

Super well done. Hope we can get an expansion or something in the near future <3

I gave this game a try, but I honestly don't see how this fits the theme. It was also a bit confusing what I needed to do after the main menu. I just clicked on a dude, and then I was in the game. Ok, quick enough, but then I started trying to understand what I needed to do since I couldn't see much of what the cards said because I had hit space a couple times. This made being able to see the cards a lot harder. Once I was clear on how to play, it just didn't push me to keep trying.

This looks very cleanly done even if neither the art nor the music were done from scratch, so this is great technically speaking in this regard.

I will for sure. I also joined the discord. So it's time to grind the engine, and enter some jams here and there.

Truly a great  simple, yet captivating, puzzle game. The background music is super charming and contagious. The color pallet a joy to look at. Truly loved the variety in hue, and the rich contrast. The gameplay, for the most part, just works. I must say I am very disappointed it doesn't have more levels, I NEED MOAR!

With all that last funny act aside, I think you guys have a great game in your hands to expand upon, and turn into maybe a full game. Doesn't have to be anything too big. I feel it needs more attention to detail in some minor but crucial areas.

One of the issues I had with the game was the line not spawning more times than I could count if you just didn't click at a certain angle. Other times it worked as intended. I also feel that, although very neat and helpful, the line snap would need to be made a little shorter in terms of detection. 

Another issue I had, and i think this was the second most annoying one, was having to go to the right side of the screen to change tools. Maybe some people won't care, but it breaks the immersion a tiny bit, and when you make more mistakes it dries out the fun out of the game. A few solutions could be:

Add a command that makes it pop next to the mouse cursor, but that you can switch and wrap around using the mouse wheel. You could also add a shortcut, let's say the S key, to switch back and forth the two modes. If you wanted to take this a bit further, allow the users to set a key of their liking to it, that way everyone's happy.

I think that's all. If this is the level of polish you guys can put out in a week I can't imagine a month. Truly wonderful work!

Don't feel embarrassed in the slightest. Go check out mine and you'll get a good kick out of my jams haha. You got a shit ton done, so this is a massive thing to overcome. Since I know C#, I'll definitely dive deep into Unity to see what it feels like. My Expereince so far is with Gamemaker and Godot, nothing 2d with Unity.

Don't let this discourage you, you will only get better from here on. Looking forward to more of your games <3

I tried to play this game for longer than I could, but I still was not able to progress much in it. I think the amount of content you made for it took a toll on some aspects that needed more attention.

graphically speaking, it looks very cute and charming. Post processing effects make that even better, and the funny enemy walking animation truly made me chuckle every time I saw them, especially after seeing their brains flipping on top of their heads haha.

The SFXs were nice and not too distracting.I truly feel like everything came together very harmoniously. The graphics and easy to pick up controls truly sold me on giving this as much a try as possible.

The only thing that didn't allow me to enjoy the game that much were the bugs. There are fun bugs, and there are those pesky ones that never stop bothering you.

The Bugs I encountered:

The biggest offender is the buggy collisions. Anything that stops you from moving, will stop you from moving  one way or another. If you get sandwiched between a solid object and 2 enemies, GGS.

You could get pushed through walls and get stuck outside the level. Now that was pretty unexpected XD :

You die, but you still have 1 life left? When this one happened, I was just transitioning into the basement, bam! Ripperoni. I later noticed this happens everytime you die, so it's just a small visual thing.

The Gameplay:

Now, the issue here is that enemies are just bullet sponges and bullets neither hurt them much, nor come in good quantity. I honestly feel like the game could've used a bit more of a transition of: hey, you get 1-3 baddies well spaced out, and more down the line. The 3 burst gun was neither fun nor useful. This is a bit rare since these are the weapon types to be a bit op but super fun.

I'll definitely give this game another try tomorrow, or tonight to see if I can beat it.

Hopefully, it happens!

All of my yes if it does.

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This was a very cute and charming game.The music truly made it even more immersive. There are quite a few things to unpack here that can be fixed easily, but i know how hectic jams can be. Here's a list of things I noticed:


For the most part they work as intended when it comes to walls and hazards.There were some bugs where you could easily just infinitely jump up the wall infinitely, and there was an area where there was nothing to collide with, but visually had a wall?

Now there seems to be some favoritism when it comes to collision detection here. Let me explain: I was trying to get some love, but it was harder than getting a shape up from the saw blades.

The butterfly was such a big tease. So much that by the time i realized I had spiderman powers and i tried to catch it, it was just an illusion. Crushed me harder than the hearts.

The Camera Mechanic

It is a fantastically interesting concept that just needs a bit of polish regarding level design. Because of the bugs, which I also enjoyed, I could get over many obstacles that might've required it. Bugs aside though, you just have to make it clear to the player that they just can't cheese past these sections they are supposed to learn about said mechanic.

The good thing is that Camera interactions got lots of love, and that's more favoritism. Hearts need some love you know.This is what I mean

this is not bad. I'd rather have this than having to travel too much with my mouse.


When dying, you can move your blood around for a bit before things restart. I giggled a bit.

The Ending

Now, you almost had me in the first half... Iwas like, damn, i wanted more! & then got curious, and well, you know the rest haha. I just kept searching. It was a nice touch.

In Conclusion

Hope you expand this a bit!

I found your game on twitter. Gotta love the topic suggestions of the platform.

Super happy it's been of great help. The new features should make the experience even better :D.

Glad it's been helpful! :D

This game does so many things right. The colors, the atmosphere, the controls, the camera. Buttery smooth.

Now I know I am on the super ultra minority here, but man, I hate that because I have 2 monitors, I lost a lot given that I exited the game window when moving the mouse around trying to aim XD.

Also, that bird boss is an asshole haha. Very well designed imo. One thing that took me some time to figure out was the floating boulders. I had no idea what i needed to do until I saw I put a spike out by mistake and it got hurt, then I was trying to hit it with it again but i saw no damage XD. 

the only thing I found weird was beatin the game and having the white dude standing there doing nothing else. Is it a glitch or he just stares into my soul to assert dominance? XD.

You should be very proud of this game man. It speaks volumes of your dedication and game design knowledge. I should probably stop making so many platformer projects and try top down games too.

Keep it up!!
One last request...and I know this is not easy to implement, but I'd love it if I could set keybinds and also a nice pause menu would be cool.

There's just so much to this game words won't even do it justice. The amount of polish and expertise shows in every little detail of the game. You have music, sfx, great visuals, very good graphic design at work, and a shit ton of replayability plus a goddamn leaderboard? WHUT?
Nothing can top this...seriously...just marvelous!
And I am not even gonna mention the unlokables...icing on the cake...astonishing work!