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Take Control! - or lose it? ...
Submitted by Bitron, Artificer-111 (@111Artificer), TheMooseman (@skylermoosman), Merly23 (@LotusGamingStu), Temurei (@txmxrxi), ambivorous (@ambivorous) — 24 minutes, 9 seconds before the deadline
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Godot version


Game description
it certainly has glitches.

Discord username
Bitron, TheMooseman, ambivorous, Temurei, Merly23

Participation level
4, 1, 1, 1, 1

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After finally getting the time to test this game~ I got to say it's very cool. I really enjoyed the time slow feature and the Teleporting feature.  True that it was somehow hard to control using X,C,V,B and I am also not used to playing with the arrows that much. ~ I suppose this kind of game would function very well on a gamepad. 

The Audio was very good and I really loved the art. It somehow gave me anime vibes with pixel art. Keep up the good work!


As a matter of fact we are thinking about Gamepad support for the post jam update. :D
Thanks for playing!


We are very happy you enjoyed the game, we will keep working on it. We will make sure to fix the control issues and as a teammate mentioned, we will adapt it to gamepad. The anime vibes comes from our character artist who is from Japan, his works are pretty cool so you will love to follow him! Don't forget to stay tunned for more! :D


The game was pretty amazing, considering it was made in a week. The SFX, Audio and the art were pretty good. I had some issues with the controls since I am pretty used to W, A, S, D. But other than that, it is really a good game and I liked it :)


It warms our heart that you liked it, therefore we will keep working on it and add more cool stuff. Also don't worry we will fix the controls so it's easier to play the game. Stay tuned for updates and have a nice day!

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Very nice work! I think in general the level of the game is very high, i miss the idle animation for the characters this gives a static feeling. I felt little lost with too much controls at the beginning. And thanks for the recovering health :D helps a lot against the boss


Thanks a lot for playing, we will definetly fix the controls and other issues. Also we are planning on adding more content such as an alien boss. Stay tuned and glad you liked the game! :)


Very professional, charming pixel art, matching music and sfx. 

I could not get far enough to decide about theme fit.

Is it intentional that you have to replay the whole tutorial whenever you die from one of the first test enemies? Maybe I just cannot play well enough, but found it a bit flustrating.


Hi, thanks for your warm words and the first part is supposed to be easy, it teaches you about how the game works. The difficulty is set to easy-medium and unless you pass the first few parts, you will find it hard to cross the rest.  Checkpoints are set in the map and as soon as you beat the testing you should find one on the stairs. 

Don't worry, we will improve it but believe me that if you manage to cross the first part you will have an easy path ahead. Keep trying and you will succeed.

Stay tuned for more and wait for the update, we will improve the game massively!


This looks really professional! Liked the graphics and the glitch animation. This is a really cool introduction to a game even witch a little tutorial at the start! The fighting felt a bit clunky. It would be nice if you can shoot while squatting. The ui and dialogues are pretty well done. Reminds me to good old MegaMan Zero times in a bit more beautiful^^. 

Pretty cool game!! 


Thanks for your support, Bitron is currently working on the updates to improve the fighting system. Maybe for next update we can polish it a bit more and add the missing components such as the Alien Boss. Stay tuned for more and thanks once again for playing it! :)


Game looks gorgeous. One of my favorites!

Only issue is that game controls feels a little awkward.


Thanks for your support, the controls indeed are a bit awkward. It mainly happened because we have little time and we mostly did them at like 4 AM of dawn.

Stay tuned for more and you will definetly see improvement on the controls and levels as soon as the jam ends! 


Really a well-made game. Loving the Graphics and it feels polished! The combat system is a bit clunky still. Running in circles while hitting makes sure nothing hits you.


Yeah, AI is not exactly my strength. :D

Glad you liked it anyways!


Feels like a professionally-made game. I like it!


We'll that's a nice think to hear!

Thanks, and thanks for playing! :)