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Creative game. 

The game was pretty amazing, considering it was made in a week. The SFX, Audio and the art were pretty good. I had some issues with the controls since I am pretty used to W, A, S, D. But other than that, it is really a good game and I liked it :)

I really liked the game mechanics, however, the controls really made it clunky, I could have finished it, but it became really hard by the the I reached the yellow orb. Even then, I really really liked your game idea and design. I think you can easily fix the controls over time :)
And the art was great as well.

That was a nice game, I don't know if it was a good idea to provide a direct skip to level 2 after we die haha. The SFX and audio were pretty good, and I liked the ability system. 

Thanks for playing our game, I appreciate it. We took inspiration from `Trap Adventures 2` for the early game mechanics. So, the game was not supposed to be somewhat easy. That's okay if you couldn't get far, the fact that you played it really makes us happy. 

Thanks for playing our game. I don't have idea on the game that you mentioned, but we took some inspiration from `Trap Adventures 2` in some of the early game mechanics. The butterflies have different properties, and to make stuff mysterious, we had some butterflies that disappear after what they say. 

I tried to glitch out in the direction of arrow, but I always landed on the other side of the map... and after a while, my glitch energy ran out...

Hi, I guess you used the `AudioStreamPlayer2D` instead of `AudioStreamPlayer` because of which, I could only hear the stuff on my left earbud. Nice simple design overall. My best time was 20 secs. I guess I suck at such games...

Nice small game but where is the 4th ball?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I guess I'm not that evil IRL...

try this

try this...
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Nice art and music. I enjoyed playing it :) 

Also, even tho I know about binary adding, I don't know why I struggled in that part.

Is it me or was the audio missing. 

Good small game overall, considering it was your first real project. I finished the game :D. That poor scientist tho...

Thank you, I'm glad that you liked it. I hope you were able to finish it :)

Thank you for trying our game. It was our first ever project on Godot and we were probably not prepared that much. However, hearing that you had fun playing really makes my day ^^.

Thanks for trying our game. Heh, the secret to win, balanced, as everything should be.

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Hi, thanks for play this. Since this was our first Godot project, there are possibilities that there may be bugs which we were not able to encounter. However, I would like to ask/tell you several things. 

  • The narrative box can be scrolled.
  • The long narrative box needs to be scrolled to click on proceed down there. 
  • We have not implemented any support for controllers/keyboard. So as of now, you can only play with a mouse. 

So I think once you click on `OK, I think I get it`, the game should start working.

However, if it does not, please let me know. I would love to work fixing in it and all the other issues that came while exporting the game. And apologies since it was our first project on Godot. 

Also letting us know the OS you tried it on would help.



lol k