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A bullet through the DimensionsView game page

Run, teleport, revert gravity, freeze time and gun
Submitted by ajargrey, Vikas (@vikaspahatia) — 9 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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A bullet through the Dimensions's page


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Game description
Run, teleport, revert gravity, freeze time and gun.

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You did a lot with what little time you had.  I liked the cartoon/comic book style graphics.  I really enjoyed playing, but if you streamlined the controls, things could get a lot more fast paced and crazy.  I think with a little tinkering, you'll have a really fun metroid style action-puzzler.


Thanks a lot !

...and yeah, the controls seems really messy now, Ill make sure this never happens in the future.


I really liked the game mechanics, however, the controls really made it clunky, I could have finished it, but it became really hard by the the I reached the yellow orb. Even then, I really really liked your game idea and design. I think you can easily fix the controls over time :)
And the art was great as well.


Thanks, will surely fix them onece the jam is over : ]


Great mechanic's with poor key settings. I would have loved to play more, but the controls are not intuitive enough to remember them all and smashing keys till you find the right one was killing it for me. But great job non the less, you but a amazing amount of content into 1 week!


Thanks a lot.

Now I realise the importance of beta testing and feedback, controls seemed fine to me and now I realise no one is able to remember them : (

Will make sure this never happens in future .


You had great mechanics in there, but too many keys to control them (I would suggest moving the aim+shoot to the mouse and the gravity change to press n times W and S, for example).
Really good work!


Now that you mention it, I do realise that controls could have indeed been compact. Like double W and double S to toggle gravity, right mouse click to teleport etc. 

Thanks !!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Very good game controls and mechanic. 

Nicely rigged character.  I would be interested in seeing your walk animation or code.

Too many keys to learn posed a bit of problem for me, since I'm not an avid player. Should be no problem for experienced players, though.

Time slowdown is a bit overpowered. I can just slow time, fire 50 laser shots in the direction of enemies, then release the time. The batch of laser pulses destroy all enemies in that direction. This stategy alliviated the need for the more advanced gravity manipulation / teleport tactics in battle.


Thanks a lot !!!

Time slowdown makes the battle easy but it is not fun, PLEASE TRY TELEPORTING AND SHOOTING ENEMIES IN MID AIR,  it is lots of fun and this is what game was created for :)

Time Freeze was meant to be used when too many enemies appear, or for jumping over the second lava pond by teleporting over stones or shooting bullet between the moving walls

About the controls :  I was learning 10 finger typing, and these are perfect controls if anyone is familiar with  it  :P


Now, Source Code is also available along with download options


Excellent tutorial right on the first level, as it should be.

Minor problem I found is that the player can be stuck during the tutorial:

No recovery from here. ESC key does nothing. Game has to be closed with Alt-F4 and restarted to try again. I would be nice to have a quick recovery from such situations during the tutorial. Maybe later as well by going back to the beginning of level or so.


Now I see, the tutorial actually says that key T recovers to the latest checkpoint. But that message is gone by the time the player is in the trap. So if that message was overlooked, then the player does not know what to do and has to close the game.

Developer (1 edit)

Ahh. . so you figured it out :)

Hope you liked the game...

Submitted (1 edit)

That was interesting. Nice control mechanic. Not bad for a first-timer.


Thanks !


Every one grows  via feedback.

So feel free to discuss what you like in this game or how the game could have been better.