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Oh to slow xD

Probably in a secret room. Some rooms can only be accessed by glitching :) 

Thanks for playing glitchy glorb

Really lovely designed. I liked the introduction very much. All those cute cubes got a lot of character in their messages. The music gives a good mood atmosphere. Even though the art is simple on the first view it's more complex in detail. The animations are great especially the running animation. The dying and checkpoint particles are also really cool. And it is nice that your progress is saved. 

The levels themselves are really hart and a little bit frustrating on some places. I think a problem is that you need to run & jump on small areas. But for running you need to double tap the walking direction first. This takes sometimes to long. I think it would be  better to run while holding shift button or something like that. 

I liked the idea to pickup different types of glitches. 

Overall an amazing plattformer game. I had a lot of fun playing it :) 

Thanks for playing :), glad you could enjoy our game !

Thanks for playing our game :)

I think a door indicator is a pretty good idea! There is still a lot of unfinished stuff but I am glad you still liked it :)

We will try to improve the balancing of the enemies :)

Omg I'm so stupid, I read it from the wrong side xD. Thanks for that insight :).

This looks really professional! Liked the graphics and the glitch animation. This is a really cool introduction to a game even witch a little tutorial at the start! The fighting felt a bit clunky. It would be nice if you can shoot while squatting. The ui and dialogues are pretty well done. Reminds me to good old MegaMan Zero times in a bit more beautiful^^. 

Pretty cool game!! 

I got stuck in a place where I also couldn't get back in front of the castle. Also I don't get how the special works. Do I need to pick it up first? Some parts where a bit frustrating try and error. I think the jump height is too low. Overall I liked the general idea. The dialogues build up a nice mysterious atmosphere. I enjoyed playing.

Nice game :)  

I must say the thumbnail didn't catched me and I didn't no what I could expect.

But as I started the game a was positive overwhelmed. The control is smooth and the abilities are pretty cool. The bomb looks beautiful !! and shots always to the wrong side I needed xD.  The level design is nice and challenging. I think it is pretty good balanced.

I found a bug in the live counter when entering the second level. My counter startet by 0. After I was hit it updated to 2. 

I think music and sound effects are pretty good. The art is a bit plain for my taste but that doesn't lower the fun.

Cool game :)!


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I think even with double jump the jump height is pretty low. Also the gravity feels a bit hard to me. There are platforms which you can't reach. I like the concept idea behind it and the enemies that are hunting you. Right now they can complety block your movement, but I guess thats only a problem because the damage implementation isn't finished^^.  I also felt quite lost in the map. Maybe a minimap or some indicators in the level could help to lead the player.

The menu intro transition and music build a great atmosphere!

Overall I think thats a pretty solid game you did :)

A small but nice game. I didn't manage to survive that long^^°. The moving screen feels a bit weird. I like the idea but its hard to react on it. I also like the the little cube glitches. They got nice transitions and colors :).

Nice game!

First I was surprised that the game plays in a three dimensional room. That's a really cool idea. Picking up the tools and using them worked perfectly. I also think the balancing between the movement of the character and the light circles was pretty good. 

I enjoyed the art and music style and evading the cameras pretty much. 

I think the binary calculation task is a cool Idea. And also that the tasks are randomised. But I got some tasks which I couldn't enter in the solution boxes (the result was to big).. Also there is no direct way to close that box, expect walking into a camera detection area. I tried pressing the Escape Button which endet up in closing the game instantly. I think these are little points to improve on.

Overall I think you did a pretty good job there :)!!! 

I really like the glitch idea with that funny error screen and swapping controlls :). Eventough you couldn't finish your game like it was planed it was fun play it. I also would enjoy sound next time ^^.