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Thank you for your advice and for playing the game!  I will take the feedback into consideration!

Thank you for playing  the game and giving your own feedback!

The   orb on the Wizard can be accessed  later on even if you break the green obstacle and activate the checkpoint.   (Though it would need 3 orbs)
The two bolts later require at least 2  orbs to  pass over them.   I think the only issue might arrive by breaking  the blue objects on the left edge of the map. I don't remember putting  a re-spawn action on them, as I was afraid of the player getting stuck in them as they reappeared. 
I am gonna try to improve the controls  with jumping and Wall   climb. 

Thankfully I did put a   Restart Level Button on the pause menu, even though I  hoped that no one would have to use it~ 

Thanks for the advice. I will consider adding the mouse wheel for changing color.   And I suppose more information about using the mouse /orbs, during the tutorial. 
Also  when a jump isn't perfect and you land on the wall  below the edge for example,  if you keep pressing space it gets you on the ledge. 

I've been measuring in Pixels, since that's what I had available~

Hmm... Maybe I will find a way to make  the controls smoother and explain  everything a bit better in the tutorial

Thank you for playing and for the feedback~ 
Do you think I should be editing the tutorial in a way? Either to make it easier or to add some more tips/hints? Like dots indicating the path you should follow?

I suppose that I should be adding in the tutorial the bit about how shooting orbs can propel you to the direction that you shoot~ Thank you for the feedback and for playing the game!

I love what you did with the Merging concept!

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Yeah the Tutorial is Linear on purpose to figure out the mechanics.~ 
The actual Level has obstacles that can be cleared in many ways .

Thank you for playing the game!!!

Looks like some of the controls are meant for an AZERTY Keyboard ~

I really enjoyed the humour in this game and I found the concept quite unique! The music was matching and the sprites were amazing! Love what you did with the theme for this game!  

I think it would have been nice to be able to use the Permament Upgrade items outside of combat too.

It's a fun concept. Though in the beginning I accidentally got the bubble stuck on the bottom part of the screen and it wouldn't move 

I think that the Controls make it more hard than it is ~ 
Also in that Boss room. The Hitbox is broken~
You get hit just by being on a tile above it when it jumps up. 

The level select was the hardest map XD

Seriously I love how the music and the game is synced so nicely! Also the way you implemented the theme was quite creative!
Thank you for making this game, it was fun!

I had a very fun time playing this game. It was clear and simple yet very entertaining.  Also I really enjoyed the fact that it had a Boss Level!  

Very cool puzzle game! I like how you used the Merge idea in your theme!
Also the Music is cool and matching!
And I love how the ghost looks XD

Nice puzzle game! 

As addictive as the original!  You did a good job here!

The game was fun and original in my opinion.  I liked the way you implemented the merge mechanic. Also the visuals were stunning! 

Couldn't really find how it was related to the theme though I liked the Graphics.
Also just being able to click and move to the tiles right next to you is annoying.
Not to mention the fact that Range 2 Weapons can't hit stuff on Range 1. 
Also couldn't figure out how to reload~ 

I can't really understand how it works~ Like is there a specific way you are trying to build things together? A tutorial would be neat to have.

The Wall Jump is so hard to do. I felt like Ragequiting, before even merging with the second blob. I loved how the blobs looked liked they were attached to the wall when you were jumping on the wall!

Fun little game, even though it felt very easy and some actions felt pretty much pointless. Like the Attack Military action : Lose 1 Troop to Kill 1 Troop.   Since the enemy has like Infinite Troops (From what it seemed - I had captured are lands but one land that was creating spies, yet I kept being able to steal Troops from the opponent all the time using the Spies Action.)
Also Defend: Felt somehow pointless. 

Nice little game! It took me a few playthroughs to figure out how to collect the red ones or what they even do.

I got to say that I love this game and the visuals about it!
I really appreciate that you posted the tutorials and the learning material that you used for making this. Maybe I will try implementing it on my own entry after the Jam at some point.~ The Metaballs Graphical effect I mean. 

Thank you for making this beautiful game~ Expect a good rating from me when the Rating Opens!

I was really excited by the theme and the originality I encountered within this game! It was a fun playthrough~ 
Thanks for the funny quotes and the Assassin's creed unity inspired bug faces ! I had plenty of fun time just from all these.

I really like the art in this game~ I didn't particularly like the controls ~ I would get stuck on the vase on the second level while trying to get to the wire and cut it and I had to do the movement very accurately for that. 
However I couldn't find how the game was connected to the theme~ other than the description "Glitching through the system". Which I am not sure I even found out to what it was referring. 

Nevertheless, enjoyable experience.

After finally getting the time to test this game~ I got to say it's very cool. I really enjoyed the time slow feature and the Teleporting feature.  True that it was somehow hard to control using X,C,V,B and I am also not used to playing with the arrows that much. ~ I suppose this kind of game would function very well on a gamepad. 

The Audio was very good and I really loved the art. It somehow gave me anime vibes with pixel art. Keep up the good work!

I found the game quite enjoyable~ I liked the concept and the smooth tune that was playing.  Also the graphics were smooth. 
Sadly it gets too monotonous after a while~ but well that's true about all survival games, and for something made within 9 days, this one did very well in that department. 

Also loved the art !

The game was pretty fun~ No need to be sorry about a little bug! 
I am happy to be of help !

The game has been quite enjoyable. I really liked the unique feeling of controlling the dagger.
Sadly I think, I stumbled upon an unwanted glitch which doesn't let me proceed, as a key that I was supposed to get, got consumed opening a door I had already opened. In this spot :Either way! Good work! I really enjoyed it~ At least up to this point!