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Very professional, charming pixel art, matching music and sfx. 

I could not get far enough to decide about theme fit.

Is it intentional that you have to replay the whole tutorial whenever you die from one of the first test enemies? Maybe I just cannot play well enough, but found it a bit flustrating.

Hi, thanks for your warm words and the first part is supposed to be easy, it teaches you about how the game works. The difficulty is set to easy-medium and unless you pass the first few parts, you will find it hard to cross the rest.  Checkpoints are set in the map and as soon as you beat the testing you should find one on the stairs. 

Don't worry, we will improve it but believe me that if you manage to cross the first part you will have an easy path ahead. Keep trying and you will succeed.

Stay tuned for more and wait for the update, we will improve the game massively!