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2.5D Dungeon Crawling Action
Submitted by Meditator — 26 minutes, 21 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version
3.1 Master


Game Description
A dungeon crawler with lots of hidden loot

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The presentation is just two steps away from being really engaging. I love the use of normal maps and flat colours, relying only on the dancing of the shadows as you move through to make a stark, lifeless world look hauntingly beautiful. It's subdued; the church pews, the statues, the altars; it's like the world has a story to tell, but only if you're looking for it. It's sorely lacking some sort of ambient track; the repetitive sound effects especially (what is that spawn sound, anyway?).

The gameplay hasn't much to offer, but it's... functional. A couple of times, I'd be mindlessly swinging away, only to realise I was at one hitpoint, and had to tread cautiously; and once again, it emphasised how ambivilant this place was towards my survival. Not hostile, not aggressive, just... cold.

...I probably shouldn't write reviews after drinking. Nice game! I'm going to have a sleep now.


Thanks for the feedback! This type of game is kind of outside of my wheelhouse as I usually do procedural generated stuff, but I felt like actually designing something by hand for a change. The spawn sound is a warped sample of a zipper. Music was top of my list to do but ran out of time.

Linux build is not working for me.


The old build wasn't statically linked properly, I just uploaded a new build that fixes that. If you still get issues you can grab the project files from the gitlab page and open those up in the Godot editor, it should work if you have 3.1 alpha.


Thats what I did to play the game lol :-)


I love your field of view mechanic and the gameplay is easy to understand. But the sword swing seems off maybe an indicator of the facing direction would solve that 


Thanks for playing, that's actually a really good idea. Part of the reason it's confusing is that the player character is "right-handed" and so the sword always swings counter-clockwise at an angle towards the mouse cursor. An arrow showing the direction of a sword slash would probably improve that.


Loved the graphics, the combat and the sound effects too. I loved the nom nom sfx XD. Always a nice touch. The game was fairly interesting to me, but I really started hating the sound of the sword after clashing with everything. Perhaps giving it a slightly different pitch to it every swing would've made it a lot more bearable. Loved the models and the fire  too. The lighting as sweet too,and having it be 2.5 d was a great choice. Background music would've been awesome to have for sure.

I feel like the player could've used a few invincible frames after getting damaged by the enemies. I was put against a wall and got raped to death XD.

  Good job! Hope you keep working on it.


Thanks! I ran out of time before I could make any music for it. The sound effects were fun to make though, the nom nom sound is actually a pitched-down recording of an orange being peeled. 

I did intentionally avoid putting in i-frames cause I think it is a little too easy to scum them in a lot of games and just damage boost through all the hard parts, if I do put in any defense mechanic it will probably be equippable armor/shields/bucklers.


Did not start for me :/ (Windows)


Oops, I accidentally left out the project file. It should correctly be in there now.