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For the bomb problem I had the same idea.
 There should be a clear visualization that a bomb is being fired imo. Since they are so useful to block apex of turns and backspam.

Yeah MTs like Mario Kart. Diddy Kong Racing does not have them.
 Crash Team Racing does.

 The best kart racers always have their own speed mechanics that they benefit from. The feel of the game as it is now might lend to a more Rally car feel to the karts maybe? More turning and micro adjustments. Getting a good turn to accelerate faster than a rival would be important if you did not have MTs boosting you to max normal speed automatically.
 The packed nature of the game feels really good.

I like the tracks so far. How did you balance the multiple choice routes?
 Some jump over a gap sections might be fun.

Also the rolling bomb/mine thing is kind of cheap lol. No way to tell someone has that.

This game has a lot of potential. It is pretty laggy on integrated graphics though.
 I think adding occlusion would really help.

Ability the ability to disable the dynamic lights might also help.

I like the idea of a kart racer with no mini turbo mechanics. But if you are going that route I think the karts should have more speed and possibly more acceleration dynamics.

What kart racers are your inspiration for this? I really like the chaotic nature of srb2kart and think that having more racers on the track would add to the excitement of this game.

When you switch timelines, there is an outline of your original timeline.
 At first I did not notice it. So make the outline more vibrant please.

Great game. Very clever idea. Maybe expand with some levels making you add two commands.

Really weird and fun idea. The menus take way too long though. I should be able to skip those.

Interesting idea.

I had fun. I would like there to be some moving platform and platforms with enemies too.

This is a very neat idea.
 Any plans for a post jam version?

Interesting idea. I would like the gates to be larger so they are more easily seen.

It was a fun little game.

Great game. Tons of Potench.

Very neat idea.
 I would like the game to make me use my shield as a way to kill enemies more often.

 I felt that the best strategy was to only use the shield as a defense mechanism as you run forward.

 Although I only made it to 300 points lol.

Yeah infect is OP. Definitely something to fix in the post jam version.
 Thanks for playing!

Neat little game. It felt mostly luck based though.
 I would like more available strategy.

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That was an extremely good idea. Kudos.
 Please keep the 1 sec timeline switch in future jams.

A few suggestions.
Add coyote time when going off cliffs.
Make character physics a tad floatier.
Make viewing alternate timelines a toggle maybe?
Make outline of main timeline more visible.

Fun game. Did you use Godot?

That was awesome. Would love to have a post jam version with more challenging puzzles and maybe a level editor in game.

If you get a chance, please play my game:

That was a lot of fun. I only made it to the second level and gave up though lol.

 If you get a chance, please rate my game:

Fun little game. I feel like the enemy fire was just frustrating though.

 Maybe make it where being a different color palette  would make me be immune to enemy fire.

 Or just limit the amount of enemy gun fire.

If you get a chance, rate my game please:

I think I said that wrong lol. I meant one action for all your units.
 Doing what every other strategy game has done is boring lol.
We just need some good ideas for moving all your units as one.

I personally feel that the only one action per unit is a good idea. We just have to build the levels for it.

Good game for your first time. Do you plan on making a post jam version?

I personally really liked the movement to the game. Has good replay value imo.
 If you get a chance, please rate my game:

Great game. I would like more weapons though. A machete would be fun. Kill monsters easy up close but would easily destroy a lot of blocks if not done right.
 Maybe even sticky mines or something lol.

 Only glaring thing needed is better platforming.

If you get a chance, check out my game:

That was fun. I am glad you included local multiplayer as an option.
 Does the AI just place pieces randomly?

If you get a chance, please rate my game:

Thanks! The goal is to infect all ant hills as you get a victory animation. The game does have health right now and you have to hit an enemy twice to infect it. We will definitely be working on these issues in the post jam version.

Yeah we will definitely work on those in the post jam version.

Thanks! I understand not catching it right away lol.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi, I am the maker of the game. I agree completely with you and I will be making a post jam version of this game.

 One of the things I wanted to do is make proper keyboard controls for moving and producing ants.

 By the way, it tried to fit the theme by making all units act as one. It was suppose to have a story about a fungus infecting ants and controlling them which gave the limitation/advantage of all your ants moving as one. Hence the "only one" part of the game.

Was fun. I would like to see a post jam version with a lot more towers to defend and portals to deal with.
 I did not see too big a difference between the weapons. What were their differences besides shot speed and strength?

Good idea. I tried to hint towards what you are suppose to do with the lone ant right next to one of your own.
 And I kinda just hoped the player would understand what the enemy ants were doing with picking up mushrooms to take to their hills and reproduce more lol.

Thank you! Any suggestions on how to make it easier to understand?

Excellent puzzle game. Very creative too.

 If you get a chance, come rate my game please:

Thanks for your feedback!
 Will definitely work on that for the post jam version.

Interesting. It needs a lot more moving tiles to handle the water imo.

It was fun. Graphics and music meshed well with the game mechanic.
 I think it would be cooler if you had to switch in real time without getting slow-mo.

Rip. Added a description for in game menus from left to right.

At what point did the font get unreadable

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That is not good. I think that is a bug on your end. What OS did you use to play it?

Try clicking on the full button at the main menu to make the game full screen maybe?

That was probably the best game of the jam I have played so far. I really enjoyed it.

 If you have a chance, please rate my game.