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Thank you! Any suggestions on how to make it easier to understand?


Well the way I suggest to do it would be to start with a controlled, pre-created game scenario where the player's only option is obvious, and that way the player will figure out the mechanic on their own, for example, putting the player in a scenario where all they can do is gain control over an ant, and not worry the player with other more advanced mechanics and such. Once the player successfully comprehends this mechanic slowly escalate the game to introduce other mechanics, perhaps with a simple guide to each mechanic somewhere on the screen. I know that's much easier to do in a level-based game like mine, but perhaps there's some way to do something similar in yours :) good luck!


Good idea. I tried to hint towards what you are suppose to do with the lone ant right next to one of your own.
 And I kinda just hoped the player would understand what the enemy ants were doing with picking up mushrooms to take to their hills and reproduce more lol.