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Hey thanks for playing. I tried to correct this issue by increasing the contrast between some of the colors, it helps a bit, but ultimately I decided that the colors were less important because a final release of this would be "colorblind friendly" and have slightly different shapes for each different colored block. Feel free to grab the source and mess with the colors, they are HSV values stored at the top of

Cool space shooter, I liked the wave progression and the way the enemy forces build up, my only gripe is that the bullets tend to blend in with the background and I found them a bit hard to see sometimes. Other than that it seems to work well.

3.1. is mostly new features, as far as I know these are the only breaking changes in GDScript:

  • Named enums in GDScript no longer create script constants.
    • This means enum Name { VALUE } must now be accessed with Name.VALUE instead of VALUE.
  • Shadowing variables from parent scopes is no longer allowed in GDScript.

Source. The other big thing that was added to GDScript in 3.1 is static typing, which is totally optional.

Sorry about that, I uploaded a new version that should be fixed.

Hey thanks for playing. I hadn't seen the crouch bug before but I did know about the not being able to enter doors sometimes.

Hey thanks for playing, I really appreciate it. Love the videos and keep up the good work.

Hey thanks for playing! This is on Godot 3.1.

Thanks for the feedback! This type of game is kind of outside of my wheelhouse as I usually do procedural generated stuff, but I felt like actually designing something by hand for a change. The spawn sound is a warped sample of a zipper. Music was top of my list to do but ran out of time.

I liked the aspect of having to experience the same levels twice but from a different perspective, it's a cool design. I almost got stuck on the last screen because I was trying to run east, then I realized you just had to run for the gate at the bottom!

The old build wasn't statically linked properly, I just uploaded a new build that fixes that. If you still get issues you can grab the project files from the gitlab page and open those up in the Godot editor, it should work if you have 3.1 alpha.

Thanks for playing, that's actually a really good idea. Part of the reason it's confusing is that the player character is "right-handed" and so the sword always swings counter-clockwise at an angle towards the mouse cursor. An arrow showing the direction of a sword slash would probably improve that.

Thanks! I ran out of time before I could make any music for it. The sound effects were fun to make though, the nom nom sound is actually a pitched-down recording of an orange being peeled. 

I did intentionally avoid putting in i-frames cause I think it is a little too easy to scum them in a lot of games and just damage boost through all the hard parts, if I do put in any defense mechanic it will probably be equippable armor/shields/bucklers.

Oops, I accidentally left out the project file. It should correctly be in there now.

Hey thanks for playing! Enemy AI was on my list of things to do, but unfortunately it was bugged and I ran out of time before the jam ended, so I had to cut it. When I get a chance, that will be added in along with some kind of level progression system. Cheers!