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A jam submission

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Tile-matching puzzler with fast-growing cacti
Submitted by Meditator — 3 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline

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Godot Version

Theme chosen
Out of Place Cactus


Game Description
A puzzle game with invading cacti growing out of control. The goal is to match colored tiles (and cacti), but with a caveat: Blocks are affected by gravity, but cacti aren't, and if left unattended they will grow! You'll need to think carefully, because even just one out of place cactus can disrupt the whole board.

Click the "Help" button in the in-game menu for instructions.
After you've learned how to play, if you're up for an extra challenge then you can open the project in Godot and edit the variables at the top of "" to change some of the gameplay parameters such as cactus and bomb spawn rates.

Participation Level
Third Wild Jam and counting!

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Oh my, the presentation. The polish. It's just spot on. Nevermind that the game seems to be a subliminal marketing campaign for male enhancement pills; it's got a good concept, and it executes on it pretty much flawlessly.


The game feel is strong with this one. You took an existing game and amplified it with a twist or two. Gameplay was very fun and animations and execution pretty smooth. Well polished and self contained jam game.

I agree with everything others said, and I'll add that the game becomes hard a little too fast. 6 colors are hard to manage and over long time you end up with too many of them stacked. Bombs can clear it, but not that well. Just when I start feeling in control suddenly game speeds up and in a few mins I get doomed. :D Perhaps I should play it for longer to get better, but it's hard to plan ahead with that many (similar) colors.

Overall a great jam submission. Nice work. ;)


Felt really fluid, gave all the visual helpers a tetris game usually has, some of the controls I wish were different like up arrow to rotate I prefer but that is a nit pick, everything looked really nice, a solid entry for sure :)


A fun game that I enjoyed playing, well done!


Nice. Felt really good. Fun to play.


Very solid entry! I like the idea of taking a common design and "spicing it up", and you did really well i terms of technical execution. This feels like a complete game, which is very rare for jam games in my experience!


This is an AWESOME game.

Great mechanics, i could play it for hours, after all, it's tetris (with cacti) XD


Interesting! I like the concept a lot!! Only criticism I can give at the moment is that some colors are a bit too similar at a glance, like yellow cacti and green blocks. So thats a bit confusing, other than that great job!


Hey thanks for playing. I tried to correct this issue by increasing the contrast between some of the colors, it helps a bit, but ultimately I decided that the colors were less important because a final release of this would be "colorblind friendly" and have slightly different shapes for each different colored block. Feel free to grab the source and mess with the colors, they are HSV values stored at the top of