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New York Cactus's page


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Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Godot Version
3.1 (from itch)

Theme chosen
Cactus theme (yours)

I don't think so

Game Description
You play as a bandit trying to escape sheriffs in modern New York city using your ancient art of hiding as a cactus.
Background: The thief and the sheriff were frozen in time, and then woke up in the future to continue their adventures.

Controlled with mouse, you drag things from toolbar and navigate the level by pressing on cactus.

Discord server usernamer

Participation Level
Yes, first time

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I agree with the others on the gameplay but want to point out again what a nice looking game and well polished game this i. Well done!

(1 edit) (+2)

I liked this one quite a bit. The pixel-art is spot on, the music sets the tone nicely, and the sound effects are... well, they're really silly, but it's quite charming.

The gameplay does stumble a bit; maybe I'm going into this with too much of a Metal Gear mindset, but I was expecting to have to move to a goal, not simply to remain in one place. It wasn't until I read your responses to some of the comments here that I realised what I was supposed to do.

That being said, though, it gave me a similar feeling to playing Metal Gear games, as I lie in hiding, waiting for one of the sheriffs to get an exclamation mark above their heads, darting out of my cover, only to discover that they were going to check the cactus I just moved into.

The problem is that the player has to rely on chance; they have to take a guess as to whether the sheriff is heading for their hiding spot or another one. Or maybe you're supposed to react in time when you see which cactus the sheriff is heading towards?

Either way, nice little game.


It won't run for me.


Hello! Can you give us more information about your setup?

The game should run on any computer and if it doesn't we'll investigate it.

Are you using windows or linux? Nvidia or amd?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Windows 10. 24GB ram. AMD CPU. nvidia GPU. Display is 1920 x 1080. Latest nvidia drivers (today).

Most of the games ran fine, but a few failed to run. Might be my system, or maybe it's something to do with a particular Godot build.

(The games that didn't work are: GWJ6: Out of Place Cacti, New York Cactus, and Cactus Yeehaw. Not sure if there's any commonality there.)

There's no error message that I could find. Do you know if godot produces a crashlog somewhere?

Not sure if it'd help, but we could maybe try exporting it from the latest Godot 3.1 beta 5 build from their website?


Thank you I will export with the latest version when I'm home and get back to you.

Feel free to add me on Discord if you want to stay in touch, it'll be easier to notify you.



You guys really demonstrated you had some fantastic skills when making this game. The problem with a game which is so well-polished and excruciatingly close to being finished is that it's so easy to critique and say what more can be done to get it to 100%. I'll admit like others I also didn't quite 'get' the gameplay part but I don't want that oversight to detract from the good effort you all put in, so well done.


Thank you for the kind words <3  and for playing our game.


I'll be honest, I don't quite understand the gameplay! The audio, graphics and writing are all high quality, but the game doesn't teach me well enough what to do. I had fun reading the intro text and listening to the "voice acting" though! :D


Thank you for playing our game. The goal is to make the sheriffs know that something is in the bush but you escape before they get you. It's kinda weird even for me lol. And i'm glad you like the 'voice acting' :P

Anyhow... We hope make it better in the next time and thanks for your commentary :D

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

The game is incredibly hard. I like that, but as mentioned by Golden, it can, at times, make the game not fun. Sometimes the view-cones of the COPS aren't visible but there. And sometimes you are simply trapped and cannot escape. This makes it often more a game of luck than a game of skill.

The graphic is great and so is the audio. I really liked the style.

PS: In the menu, 2 buttons were using the default button theme. I used the linux version.


Thank you for playing our game and for the critic despite  you didn't enjoy so much :D
We hope make it better in the next time


Oh, I enjoyed the game a lot. From all tested, I think I spent most time with this one. I think it's one of the best polished submissions and really is a great game. I should have made that more clear in my first post, sorry.


Great looking, great sounding but not great feeling!
While the graphics and sounds leave little to be desired the core gameplay just was not entertaining enough. You need to think about how the player experiences your game, and doubly so for a jam game. I spent about 10 minutes on the first level (and I honestly dont know if there are any more) and I could get to about 4 points before getting caught. It's just not very engaging to sit around and wait for a guard to get to your cactus and escape. It would have benefitted from some dedicated level design and a clear goal for each level, rather than just getting points.


Thank you for playing our game and for the critic despite  you didn't enjoy so much :D
We hope make it better in the next time