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Can't fault this game at all. I vow to never turn my back on a cactus again!

I feel like I've committed some kind of cactus atrocity :) Nice little game, well done.

I had a blast playing this and I loved the story line. Hopefully we'll see a sequel with Iguana Boi? Haha. Well done guys.

Nice quirky little game, great art style and music :)

A bit rough around the edges but a great effort regardless, well done.

Fantastic game! Loved it.

Don't you just hate it when the banana bouncers ruin your night out? Wholeheartedly loved the concept, art, music and little touches that you put in here and there. If I had to be picky I would say it needs a little fine tuning in terms of the distribution of dancers (more of them as well as clumps of them to run into would have been fun) as well as making it easier to build mosh-rage. But other than that, great job and looking forward to playing more of your games.

I was so surprised by this game. Can't add anything more to what others have said other than well done!

Amazing, I loved every second of this! I wanted more...Subscribe!

Fantastic art work for a simple game. I would have enjoyed more variation in terms of game play but other than that, well done!

I will always highly praise a jam game which aims to do something both fun & achievable, and does it well. This really comes across in this game and though it needed more mechanics to really make it a full game experience, I'm glad that you focused on creating a fun game loop in the very limited time available. Great game!

Ah right I understand, that's fine! Yeah there's never enough time on game jams to do what you want. I've never seen a small movie in Godot before, it's a cool idea and would be very interested to see one in the future.

As others have said Henri has a tough job on his hands but you know it's really rewarding feeling when it goes right. Really had fun playing and I particularly enjoyed the effort you put in on the modelling and sounds, it felt well-polished which is a trait that is lacking from a lot of jam games.

The music alone got me so into this game, every time I crashed I thought I was done but then I mysteriously hit the restart button each time. Fantastic game and I had a lot of fun playing it. For your next version I would love to see some player animations. PS there is a special place in hell for whoever put that moving cactus in the level :D

Playing this game gave me such a pure feeling and the essence of it is why I have come to like game jams so much. My only request would have been the ability to play chords at a time instead of one note every second or so. Well done and looking forward to your future games :)

My ideas could not withstand the moonlight of dinosaurs. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the premise a lot. I can see how the quirkiness of it could inspire someone looking to generate new ideas, well done!

A fun game that I enjoyed playing, well done!

This was a short and quirky game that I had fun playing. The animations were particularly great, seeing the cactus wave its arms around when flying was pretty funny!

I'm also having issues with Windows, it was stuck on the second scene for me. Hopefully you can get it fixed.

I laughed a lot at the story, poor "C", he only wanted to fit in the poor thing. Really enjoyed playing your game, well done :)

This was a fun little game that was well-polished and enjoyable to run. My only two asks would have to be better controls and more levels.

I agree with Wagshadow's points. I will also always enjoy games with unique voice acting :)

Cool little game, I particularly liked the art style and polish put on it. I found some of the enemies a but unforgiving (this could have been only for me though...).

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I believe the creativity and level design skills needed to come up for a game like this is pretty astounding, so serious kudos. The intro itself made me pretty hyped to play. I couldn't finish as I got lost in the multiple rooms but I still enjoyed every minute, so well done!

You know I really liked playing this game due to its short length, great audio and art. It was a bit punishing at times with the one-hit KO but as the stages were not long it was fine. As an improvement I would have liked to have seen better enemies, both in variation and AI. Very good job and well done!

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I'm not sure what this says about me but this game held my attention for longer than many other games this jam I've played so far. If you randomised the spawns, added scores and released a mobile version it would captivate many more out there too, well done!

I would have loved a tutorial to really get into the game a bit better (only cos I'm a bit slow) but otherwise, playing this was a fantastic experience - the professionalism really shined. You both asked the universe the question of whether or not making a cacti RTS was possible and the answer was yes. Yes it was.

I can see how the mechanic would have been fun for sure. I became an absolute unit of a cactus and felt like a Nokia snake. It was great. 

You guys really demonstrated you had some fantastic skills when making this game. The problem with a game which is so well-polished and excruciatingly close to being finished is that it's so easy to critique and say what more can be done to get it to 100%. I'll admit like others I also didn't quite 'get' the gameplay part but I don't want that oversight to detract from the good effort you all put in, so well done.

DON'T LEAVE DEM CACTUS HANGIN', BOY! I enjoyed playing this game, the voiceovers were great, good work.

The music made me sweaty and I got immersed in trying to defend my oasis from the horde of riff-raff animals who might be thirsty. I really tried to defend it but I got overrun :( Hopefully others fared better. Good work, particularly on the animations and audio.

When no horses are around to save pikachu cowboy, cactus "absolute unit " yeehaw stepped up to the plate and did what had to be done. Well done guys, I particularly enjoyed the visual and audio polish that you put in to the game.

Looks like fun but doesn't work for me on windows. I enter the game and can't control the character