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Cactus vs. Dinosaurs (Godot Wild Jam #6)View game page

Submitted by WormLlama — 7 minutes, 8 seconds before the deadline

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Cactus vs. Dinosaurs (Godot Wild Jam #6)'s page


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Godot Version

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May be if someone is interested, but no.

Game Description
Inspired in Plants vs. Zombies and Google Chrome dinosaur game.

In this game, you plant cacti to defeat dinosaurs. As with real life cacti, you'll have to wait for them to grow up, to cut them and plant a new piece of cactus.
You'll have to plant many cacti to prevent the dinosaurs from getting to the end of the screen.

Use the mouse to plant the cacti.

Press Q to select the cactus button

Press W to select the scissors button.

Right-Click to unselect any button.

Discord server usernamer

Participation Level
No, it's my second participation.

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Is there any possibility of you making the source available?

Developer (1 edit)

Sure, here it is:

The only thing is that the commits and some comments are in spanish, but the rest of the variable and function names are in english.

It should work in Godot 3.1.

Edit: it should be noted that the repository was just private, so even the is the default right now. :P


It is a really nice game, but I just can't get far enough into the game. The graphics are nice, the audio is good too and the gameplay is fun and easy enough to understand (I just suck at it). Great job.

I will always highly praise a jam game which aims to do something both fun & achievable, and does it well. This really comes across in this game and though it needed more mechanics to really make it a full game experience, I'm glad that you focused on creating a fun game loop in the very limited time available. Great game!


This game seems really polished, has a consistent and appealing artstyle as well as good, simple sounds. I enjoyed it a bunch, but it quickly became stale due to the lack of features and the exponential growth. I think with a few added features on top this could become really great!


That's true about it becoming stale. There were two options I could have gone for:

  1. Less levels: I think three levels would have sufficed, with the game as it is. Since it only becomes harder without expanding it in other ways.
  2. More mechanics: new ways of stopping the waves of enemies would have made the game more interesting.

Since I wanted to keep the game as simple as possible, I should have gone with the first option. 

But it's true that it needs more variety in mechanics.

Thanks for the feedback!

Love the idea of a Cacti being a tower defense
But i think that you could make different cactus, more mechanics
Still is a fun game, good job :D


Yeah, you're pretty much right in that. The game is pretty dull as it is (regarding its limited options), and it even could use less levels. I suppose three levels would have been more than enough.

I wanted to try a simple concept and not make it very complex. The idea was basically mixing the google dinosaur game and Plants vs. Zombies, and basically use cacti to defend a village (story that I never put into the game, so ignore it, since it never ended up existing).

Thanks for the feedback!

I couldn't figure out how to top dinosaurs they just kept falling over getting up and getting to end line. 


same here


Oh sorry, I suppose it's not really clear.

You have to put a lot of cacti in front of the dinos. The more they trip, the more energy they lose. And they lose more energy the bigger the cacti.

You can note that they lose energy because of the mini-cacti they have attached to their bodies.

I suppose the tutorial wasn't nearly clear enough. The tutorial says that you have you have to put "lines of defense", i.e. columns of cacti, but to be able to stop a dinosaur you have to put a row of cacti, i.e. many cacti in front of him. So that was a mistake on my part.

Thanks for feedback. Appreciated!