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Very good execution on a simple mechanic. It's a bit weird that soldiers that have passed you can't be punched in the back, but other than that, all around a very solid entry - especially the graphics were really enjoyable!
Sidenote: the music played only on my left headphone speaker, not sure what's up with that.

A simple mechanic done well. Very enjoyable, and probably the entry this month with the best development time to fun ratio :D

This is a weird one in terms of rating - I'm not sure if I *had fun* playing it, but at the same time, I'm certain that it's a good game! It's definitely not my favourite genre, and the difficulty doesn't help either, but I felt compelled enough to grab a few of the stars before the frustration overwhelmed me. The atmosphere being very relaxing definitely helped with that, and I liked the occasional easter egg, though I'm sure I didn't get to see most of them.

Generally, this is a very solid game. It's not exactly for me, but I can see that it's really good nonetheless!

An adorable idea, combined with adorable graphics. I like the inflate/deflate mechanic in combination with keeping her safe as well. Overall, very well done.

Very cool game, and one of the most polished jam entries I have ever seen. The controls / physics were a bit hard to figure out in the beginning,  but then that's just part of the appeal I guess! One of the top entries , I'm sure.

Very simplistic, but enjoyable presentation in terms of graphics and sounds! Good choice for a game when you're on limited time :D

Very simplistic, but extremely solid execution. Not much else to say, I think it's doing what you want it to do very well!

The core game is a bit too bland for my taste, but I like the style you're going for, and I especially like the effort that went into the pyromaniac boss!

This game seems really polished, has a consistent and appealing artstyle as well as good, simple sounds. I enjoyed it a bunch, but it quickly became stale due to the lack of features and the exponential growth. I think with a few added features on top this could become really great!

I enjoyed the graphics and audio a bunch, and I like that you shoot with notes instead of bullets! I think the gameplay is a bit limited, but there's only so much you can do in a jam.

Unfortunately I was unable to finish this due to some control issues with my keyboard, but what I did see was really interesting!

Very interesting, I didn't even figure out you were supposed to collect those bubbles - I was trying to use the basket to climb on it :D

perhaps I was just being dumb, but I think a bit more explicit explanation could really help!

I really enjoyed the music and VO in combination with the fast-paced game! However, I wish the controls were a little more responsive. In general I'm not a huge fan of this type of game, so props for still making me enjoy it!

The game was very hard - I don't know if that's my lack or skill, or the physics not behaving as they should (probably the former). I did enjoy the sound effects and the graphics a lot, obvious effort went into those! With a bit of refinement, this could be a really fun game.

This game's adorable, both in terms of graphics and general concept. I think gameplay-wise, it needs a few additional features and/or fine-tuning to be a lot of fun. I love how you explained the controls as band posters, very clever. In general, the style of the game is really great!

For my taste, this game was a bit too hard and a bit too bland, gameplay-wise. I really enjoyed the music!

I enjoyed the graphics and audio, but I'm not sure I understood the gameplay correctly; you need to run into cacti to get more seeds but they also damage you? I think this could benefit a lot from slightly more complex mechanics!

The fact that this has nothing to do with out of place cacti makes me think it might have been developed outside of the jam? Regardless, it's fun for what it is, and I like the graphics and color scheme.

The gameplay itself is a bit bland for my taste, but huge bonus points for the amazing drawings!

Great example of how to turn a simple concept "top down shooter" into a great jam entry - entertaining backstory, adorable graphics, and a nice progression system. Good job!

Loved the voiceover! :D Not sure how much watering and fertilising adds to the gameplay, except for keeping you on your toes if you decide to grow many cacti at once. I enjoyed the "papers, please" mechanic as well!

Simple concept, but good execution. Special points for doing all coding and all assets on your own! 

I'll be honest, I don't quite understand the gameplay! The audio, graphics and writing are all high quality, but the game doesn't teach me well enough what to do. I had fun reading the intro text and listening to the "voice acting" though! :D

Very solid entry! I like the idea of taking a common design and "spicing it up", and you did really well i terms of technical execution. This feels like a complete game, which is very rare for jam games in my experience!

Very entertaining writing, charming graphics and solid controls - it was fun to play through!

Very interesting and original concept! Wish it was more than a demo.

Fantastic concept, execution, and aesthetics. Simple in essence, but with lots of potential. It will be hard to top this one!

Not the most original design, but solid execution, especially considering it was made in just two days. Awesome music as well!

I found the controls very hard to master and didn't manage to reach the first door. However, you get all the bonus points for that opening dialogue VO :D

Very fun and thematic! I wish the "undercover" part of the game could have been mechanically implemented, but a jam has tight deadlines already. I love the effort that went into building the 3d environment. My biggest gripe would be the controls, but a very solid entry in total!

Very very creative and very fun! I also like the explanations regarding creativity. It could use a bit smoother controls and better editing of existing notes, but what a great idea!

I like the concept of doing a movie with godot, and the graphical and technical side of it is very well done. I wish it was longer!

Very good on the technical side from what I've seen. I'm also impressed by the 3D environments. However I found the gameplay  a bit bland, as there's not much to do but optimize your pathing to get better times. The small "magazine" size makes it hard to optimize shoot/reload intervals as well.  This could be a cool little FPS with a few added enemies or environmental hazards!

I like that you have quite a few "life points" and don't have to restart whenever you hit a spike. Still a bit too hard for me, unfortunately. I also really missed being able to move diagonally. Good spin on the theme!

Fantastic core design and lovely graphics & audio. There are some rough edges, such as difficulty, fine-tuned balancing, explanation of mechanics and the occasional bug, but clearly lots of love and skill have gone into this game. This would have lots of potential as a full game as well. Kudos to you both!

Danke für dein Feedback!

Dieser "stunlock" durch Fleischfresser ist definitiv eins der ersten Dinge, die in den eventuell noch kommenden Updates behoben werden :)