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A jam submission

Cactus y OpuntiaView game page

A game about love, guns and guitars.
Submitted by BigCyckos — 1 hour, 4 minutes before the deadline

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Godot Version

Theme chosen
Out of Place Cacti

Its all yours -

Game Description
Once upon a time, in the middle of a desert, our hero was enjoying a peaceful picnic with his girlfriend, when suddenly, the cactus cowboys incapacitated him and kidnapped her! Help him get revenge on the evil gang and get his girlfriend back.

Arrows - Movement
Spacebar - Shoot

Participation Level
First time :DD

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Sweet! The idea of shooting with music in instruments intrigues me, especially how you can make it sync with the game. Really hope to see more of this.

Story was also sweet, but the ending... Well, at least I now know there's a bigger monster than me. :D (I made a pretty unhappy ending too).


Playing this game gave me such a pure feeling and the essence of it is why I have come to like game jams so much. My only request would have been the ability to play chords at a time instead of one note every second or so. Well done and looking forward to your future games :)


I enjoyed the graphics and audio a bunch, and I like that you shoot with notes instead of bullets! I think the gameplay is a bit limited, but there's only so much you can do in a jam.


Nice sound, i like the shoot mechanics.


Really nice grpahics and sound, loved the final stage, didnt understood the ending XD


Hey, would you mind sharing the source code?
I am interested in how you did the death animations!


 I added our game public repo to the submission, you should be able to view it, if any problems occur - PM us! :D 

Death animations are simple. We just made some animations of cacti exploding, and then forced Animated Sprite to play them, when enemy health drops to 0:

func attacked(damage, knockback_dir = 0):
    health -= damage
    if health <= 0:
        #sum other code
        is_dead = true

It goes the same for Terrorist. Runner, on the other hand, changes his rotation and velocity to simulate  tripping over:

func _physics_process(delta):
    #runner mechanics
    if is_dead && rotation_degrees < 90: #if runner is dead, and hasn't hit the ground yet, make him rotate
        speed = 30
        rotation_degrees += 5
    if rotation_degrees >= 90: #make runner move slower as he trips over
        if velocity.x > 0:
            velocity.x -= 1
            velocity.x += 1
func attacked(damage, knockback_dir = 0):
    health -= damage
    if health <= 0:
        is_dead = true

The Boss just disables his collision, since he doesn't have any death animation:

func attacked(damage, knockback_dir = 0):
    health -= damage
    if health <= 0:
        is_dead = true

I love the mood!