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This game feels professional, the concept is original, visuals are really good, you have put so much effort into these details! There is only one thing that bothers me with this game. In QWOP or Getting over it, or other hard games like Dark Souls or Furi, when you fail, it's ALWAYS your fault. In this game, there were a couple times when I lost because of  game, cactus sticked to the wrong wall or I got stuck in this motherf8970asdh9a8(D(n9as labiryth. But it's understandable, since you had limited time to make everything work. Excluding this few issues that happend to me, everything  was perfectly made, challenges are hard and make you want to beat them, movement is nice - it reminds me of happy wheels :DD also, I really liked the way you move in water.

It could've been a fun little mini-game were it not for how few enemies there are - right now, the game is just way too easy. The shooting mechanics are really well made, it's just a shame there's not that many things you can try them out on. :/

Oof, the aesthetic is really solid and the concept is really good, but the execution is lacking. The controls are just too sluggish, the level design is really barebones, the nice looking sprites just BEG for a few more frames of animation and the lack of sound really gets to you after a while.

tl;dr - solid concept, but it needs some more work.

Man, visuals are pretty underwhelming. It is understandable to not have the most astonishing, beautiful sprites in game you make for a week-long jam, but in this game it gets more problematic, every room feels the same, seeing the same tile repeated over and over in every segment of map makes you confused, this is bad design.

That being said, I can't wait for your non-jam  games, which won't be limited by deadline. The concept you came up with is pure fun, I want more of this. I can't understand how possibly you could come up with so many fresh ideas and put them all in this one game, everything in less than 9 days. Like John said you should definitely explore this mechanic further, you are really good at it :DDD

Man, you know what makes visual novels good, this game is truly gold experience, i love it :DDD

 I added our game public repo to the submission, you should be able to view it, if any problems occur - PM us! :D 

Death animations are simple. We just made some animations of cacti exploding, and then forced Animated Sprite to play them, when enemy health drops to 0:

func attacked(damage, knockback_dir = 0):
    health -= damage
    if health <= 0:
        #sum other code
        is_dead = true

It goes the same for Terrorist. Runner, on the other hand, changes his rotation and velocity to simulate  tripping over:

func _physics_process(delta):
    #runner mechanics
    if is_dead && rotation_degrees < 90: #if runner is dead, and hasn't hit the ground yet, make him rotate
        speed = 30
        rotation_degrees += 5
    if rotation_degrees >= 90: #make runner move slower as he trips over
        if velocity.x > 0:
            velocity.x -= 1
            velocity.x += 1
func attacked(damage, knockback_dir = 0):
    health -= damage
    if health <= 0:
        is_dead = true

The Boss just disables his collision, since he doesn't have any death animation:

func attacked(damage, knockback_dir = 0):
    health -= damage
    if health <= 0:
        is_dead = true