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Cactus Out of Place (jam edition)View game page

Control a cactus in a pot, collect all stars, reactivate the rocket, and save your kin
Submitted by Winged Adventurer — 1 hour, 58 minutes before the deadline

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Godot Version
3.1 beta 4

Theme chosen
Wild Jam's theme (out of place cactus)

On request

Game Description
Cactus-in-a-pot simulator, similar to "Getting Over It"

Arrow keys to rotate. X to jump. C to hook. (tuts in game!)

Discord server usernamer

Participation Level
Third time participating

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This game feels professional, the concept is original, visuals are really good, you have put so much effort into these details! There is only one thing that bothers me with this game. In QWOP or Getting over it, or other hard games like Dark Souls or Furi, when you fail, it's ALWAYS your fault. In this game, there were a couple times when I lost because of  game, cactus sticked to the wrong wall or I got stuck in this motherf8970asdh9a8(D(n9as labiryth. But it's understandable, since you had limited time to make everything work. Excluding this few issues that happend to me, everything  was perfectly made, challenges are hard and make you want to beat them, movement is nice - it reminds me of happy wheels :DD also, I really liked the way you move in water.


I really did my best to make the game fair so you don't scream at the game, but at yourself. Trust me, in that labyrinth you would get stuck 40 times more often if I hadn't shortened cactus' hands. :D Though this was my first time trying out rigid bodies and joints in Godot and despite all efforts I couldn't handle several problems, like cactus sticking to random surfaces sometimes (mostly experienced in the maze), or when the pot would revolve without the plant moving. Nevertheless it was a fun experience and I learned a bunch about how Godot deals with physics.


Wonderfully diabolical stuff; finally grabbing the big star under the rocket will probably end up being my proudest gaming moment of the year.


Same feeling here! Would have been nice to get a little "reward" (at least a "congrats", or a "the end", or credits) for achieving that.

But anyway very nice job!

I like the ambience, and even if the gameplay was extremely hard to take control of, and very frustrating, I also found it very unusual and interesting :-)


Not sure if you actually waited long enough, but there is an ending cutscene after grabbing the final star. Though it's not very rewarding, quite the opposite. But hey, we have far too many happy endings in our games, right? :)

Fantastic game! Loved it.


This is a weird one in terms of rating - I'm not sure if I *had fun* playing it, but at the same time, I'm certain that it's a good game! It's definitely not my favourite genre, and the difficulty doesn't help either, but I felt compelled enough to grab a few of the stars before the frustration overwhelmed me. The atmosphere being very relaxing definitely helped with that, and I liked the occasional easter egg, though I'm sure I didn't get to see most of them.

Generally, this is a very solid game. It's not exactly for me, but I can see that it's really good nonetheless!


Very nice game for the rage-ish genre, the ambient sounds are great and controls are just right for what you are going for. :)


Lovely game. Simple mechanic used perfectly. The controls need a bit getting used to, but after playing a bit you start to learn how to do it. The music is nice and the sound effects fit nicely. The graphics are good, even if there are only a few different tiles in the tileset. The background is fantastic and I really enjoyed the moon.

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I promised you an LP for this, but I think my thoughts would be best written down; partially because I'm still flagging on energy from staying up all night to meet the deadline, and partly because there's very little I can say except: this is very, very, very good.

From a difficulty standpoint, this is a huge improvement over 12ToC. It's tough, but fair; anytime I messed up a challenge, I just needed to hit reset and be a few seconds away from trying again. I never actually felt annoyed with the challenges, but they were still satisfying to beat.

The atmosphere is brilliant; the sound effects are exactly what they need to be, and the relaxing music sets the tone perfectly. The moment when your cactus is silohuetted against the moon was genuinely beautiful.

That being said, the game's foreground graphics are probably its weakest part; everything is flat and unshaded, with nothing to mask the blocky grid-structure of the levels. It's unavoidable to some extent, when you're working with tilemaps, but it can be made less obvious.

The ending does sour me on it slightly. The challenge goes from enjoyable to aggrevating, and when you finally beat it, the ending sequence is less than thrilling. I imagine you were trying to go for poignancy, but to be, it simply came off as mean-spirited; an unpleasant shift in mood from what was previously a light-hearted, if minimal, story.

All in all, though, a really excellent game. Had a lot of fun with it.