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Very nice gameplay ideas! Too bad it's so short ><, I'd like to play more :D

Hi! In the pause menu (with Escape key), the connection to the theme is made a bit more explicit: "Gather your pack of lost pets and return them to their villages! But beware of the food chain, or you’ll end with your pets eating each other in your pack! "

Thank you, and sorry for the delay.

To contact us:

Same feeling here! Would have been nice to get a little "reward" (at least a "congrats", or a "the end", or credits) for achieving that.

But anyway very nice job!

I like the ambience, and even if the gameplay was extremely hard to take control of, and very frustrating, I also found it very unusual and interesting :-)

If a level is too hard, you can skip it with the "Levels" option in the main menu (then use right arrow to choose your level). Make sure you give a try to the final level (level 7), it's a special one ;)