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This is super cool, the title screen, sound effects, creepy looking models, water looks amazing, possession mechanic is really cool. The game has a really nice atmosphere. One thing that needs implemented though is to see your mouse when pressing q as it just doesn't work the way it is, I had to put my mouse off screen, then back onto the screen which would make it appear then click the one I wanted. The models are so big when looked down at the water one it looked so creepy and so cool as well :)

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Nice concept, cool you had a plot. I like the style of combat. The background instrument I am not sure I liked although I see why you went for it. The ui is simple and makes it easy to understand how much health everything has and the button feedback is something I wish more games in this jam had. Good job.

Good job on your game, but I really had no clue what I was doing the whole time, I just clicked randomly and occasionally things would happen, this game needs some sort of tutorial to tell you what you are actually doing and some sound effects, even some background noise would have made it feel more alive. It looks like the world is made of paper which is very cool. :)

I think it looks clean, and you definitely have the mobile aesthetic. I would zoom out the camera tons though, the whole game just feels like a guessing game without being able to see anything, also, I think levels could have been laid out to fit the gameplay as the sections with just danger for parts do not feel do-able enough. If you do improve on this prototype, maybe this could become a mobile game using the devices gyroscope for rotation, and the more it is leaned side-ways the faster it turns. :)

Thanks, yeah I have fixed the slide-y controls in a new version so ETA soon for when I put up a new build.

Very cool concept, and the mechanics work very well. Some of the levels where you have to go in the opposite direction could be clearer on where exactly you have to stand although this being a trial and error game makes this not really a problem. I think that the life time of the replay character should last the same amount of time the player was alive for before pressing W because sometimes I would go onto a button wait a few seconds spawn a replay character and expect it to go onto the button then disappear consequently disabling the button but instead it just stays there. Anyway great game and fits the browser :)

Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on less slid-y controls. Glad you likes the graphics :)

Good idea for the theme, the control are intuitive and handle very quite similar to actual mario (as far as I can remember). The levels are clearly designed with the death mechanic in mind. The art is good but to improve mario, I'd say to either have an outline all the way around him or none at all, since having half and half is inconsistent. I couldn't get past the checkpoint next to the pink tree as the jump was to high and I couldn't figure out how to die up there. Anyway great job on this game it was very fun :)

I really like the graphics and animations, so nothing wrong with that apart from maybe the resolution of the background being too small in some cases, as for gameplay I think the controls could have been a little better as I didn't like how stationary it felt to be the cloud, some left and right movement was probably needed, I think the ice block is a good idea but a little too slow for my liking. Also it should be easier to tell which parts of the background are solid. Overall good game for the jam, fits the theme really nicely and looks great with flow-y animations :).

820 points max combo 3, very intuitive design and great graphics and animations, getting a good combo is really satisfying, not much I'd improve to this apart from maybe less gambling on the missing and instead have more moves and strategy involved, I think there should be a shadow under the washing machine other wise it looks too flat when comparing to the enemies. Again on the animations, they are really juicy and the way everything on the screen is moving is awesome, great game :)


 A, D : left and right 

SPACE or W : jump (and to get out of grapple)

LEFT_CLICK : grapple (while grappled on or)

S : Drop when grappled

Thanks for feedback :)

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Thanks. This game has had quite a few changes recently since this was the jam submission. Ill soon put up another build although I am only working on this game slowly as I have other things. :)

Oh and Ill add a feature to choose if you want the controls go towards or away from the pointer.

K I played to day 9 wave something but just let myself get killed as it wasn't getting challenging at all, none of them even got a hit on my cacti, and it just takes too long to kill the cacti. Although the fact I played for so long says something as well, the music is really good, the graphics (especially the title screen) are nice and the controls are intuitive so a really solid entry but would be better if the game was more challenging. :)

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Good game. I would recommend 3 different download for windows, mac and linux instead of one big zip where we'll only use one of them :)

Oh that's good, I more of meant I like to use a controller but I couldn't test it since I haven't had batteries. :)

Daring style of game for a jam, good job, I agree mostly with the others critiques. :)

The way the points are added up and all the components together make it sorta like a mario style game and the assets go well together so good entry :)

Lol thanks

Spacebar to jump is good since your thumb does nothing otherwise and it allows more action actions to be pressed at once. I just find it better. Even better though, controller support

Cool gameboy style game, I like the graphics, sfx and music. I personally prefer space bar to jump. Good game :)

Cool idea and I like how the shooting is timed with the music :)


Thanks :)

Felt really fluid, gave all the visual helpers a tetris game usually has, some of the controls I wish were different like up arrow to rotate I prefer but that is a nit pick, everything looked really nice, a solid entry for sure :)

So this game has a really fun base concept, and goes with the theme with the whole growing cactus. I think the level design is okay but could be a little better, I also think that you should be able to reset your size as you can get yourself stuck at quite easily. With the graphics I would say to have a variety of tiles or at least a more tile-able one since grass patches on top of each other don't look as good. With the art in general though I think on their own they look really good.

Very nice game for the rage-ish genre, the ambient sounds are great and controls are just right for what you are going for. :)

windows 7 sticky notes

Now there's a new way to fill your screen with notes. You have mastered ui by making everything a cactus, this is really cool since it is a note application, but has a sorta story built in xD

Quite a fun little iron snout style game, the art is amazing, the music is amazing. Good job :)

Ok, yes it works now thanks :).  I really like the sound and music, I also like the art. The menus are nice. The gameplay is fun however the level design could have been a little better. The levels could also be a little more diverse. I would recommend adding to your games description (or in game)  that Enter is to shoot because it took me awhile to figure that one out (maybe I just didn't see it). I would recommend making the collision boxes smaller as sometimes it would feel unfair. Overall really nice :) kept me hooked for awhile

Can't get the appx file to work, ""Error in parsing the app package."" could you release a zip for Windows instead?


Thanks and nice that you finished it! :)

I agree. Ill add changes

Thanks :))

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Yes for mouse there is none and I shall add it now for future post jam updates but for controller there is one, thanks for the feedback :)

I appreciate all this nice feedback

Nice game :)