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Clean up the load of laundry
Submitted by Raespark (@raesparkgames) — 17 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline

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I thought of spin cycles for your laundry, and decided to encorporate that as a visual theme. It's also a game filled with cycles of turns using an RPG like battle system

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I love the character design. I hope you work on this more after the jam. Nice work!


Thanks so much!

2010 points, max combo 5.  It's fun, though I don't think the elements really work well together. The third skill seemed unnecessary, and the points seem like they'd be reliant on luck more than strategy. The visuals are nice.


Another good looking game! I'm either lucky or everyone's making nice games. The sock monsters remind me of the centaurs as seen in Fallout 1/2 (if that's unintentional - lie about it). The game while satisfying isn't all that well balanced, the SP attack seems like the best option at all times.

Some gameplay (score 2750):

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah, unfortunately I ran out of time to balance and last minute went from the SP attack being way too weak and the enemies being too strong to the SP attack being way too OP. The hope when I changed it was the attack could be to widely down the bat enemies to make it easy to wrack up a big combo but unfortunately wasn’t strong enough to be an effective strategy. May go back and polish it up later though I think :)  (Also the sock monsters are called socktopus and also I’ve never played fallout lol) but thank you! I had fun animating and drawing and designing the characters and is where most of my time went so I’m glad people like them :)

Also nice video haha and probably better than any score I got lol


820 points max combo 3, very intuitive design and great graphics and animations, getting a good combo is really satisfying, not much I'd improve to this apart from maybe less gambling on the missing and instead have more moves and strategy involved, I think there should be a shadow under the washing machine other wise it looks too flat when comparing to the enemies. Again on the animations, they are really juicy and the way everything on the screen is moving is awesome, great game :)


Thank you so much! And yes, originally I hoped to have lots more moves but ran out of time. But so glad you enjoyed! And thank you! I had fun animating so it makes me happy that people like the animations :) 


The graphics are sooo cute!!


Thank you so much!


420 points... huh! Great game! I love the animations in it. I would love to see more of it, a laundry quest with cleaning companions, sounds fun :)


Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun with the animations so I'm glad you liked it!