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All act as one.
Submitted by JohnGabrielUK (@JohnGabrielUK) — 2 days, 4 hours before the deadline

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Godot version
3.1 stable


Game description
A first-person puzzle game in which you must control three separate characters, and get them all to the exit.

Tutorial included in game.

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Have entered every single jam, and submitted to all but one.

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Pretty cool game, a little short though. I like the door animations and the main menu looked so cool.

Please build for mac?


The atmosphere is awesome, and the mechanics look great. I hope for some more levels in the future. Thanks and good job!


Apart from mouse not reappearing wehn hitting Q I fond the game fun for the little beginning it was. A prequel and tbh I was excited for episode 2 by the time I got to the end!

Use of fancy 3D materials was awesome, character possession felt good and I also thought the length was just right.


The graphics are stellar, this is clearly your strong point. The sound effects were decent but could have used more polish, and it's eerily quiet...I think you're missing some skittering movement sounds :D

The low point for this game is its brevity and level design. My first time playing I was confused about where to go, and I misread some of the tutorial text so I got stuck on capturing the water bug. That said, I'd love to play more to learn about these cute, enormous insects!


This is super cool, the title screen, sound effects, creepy looking models, water looks amazing, possession mechanic is really cool. The game has a really nice atmosphere. One thing that needs implemented though is to see your mouse when pressing q as it just doesn't work the way it is, I had to put my mouse off screen, then back onto the screen which would make it appear then click the one I wanted. The models are so big when looked down at the water one it looked so creepy and so cool as well :)

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I had that problem too. Just about quit and gave up when I couldn't figure out how to switch bodies. Glad I came back here to get this tip.

Great visuals. Nice audio. Flight mechanic felt good.


Reminds me of Lost Vikings.


Very nice