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No worries, I'm happy that you're enjoying the challenges. This level does require you to be more on the ball than you'd initially think. You have to get off the second vine faster than you think, or the "platform extending" vines will die before you can jump off them. 

Here's a ink to a walkthrough I created: 

It doesn't fit the theme. I've been wanting to make this game for >3 years and used the jam as an excuse. Motivation is a tricky thing, but I've learned to seize it when it strikes. I know it won't win, but I hope folks have fun with it. 

Thank-you! I think it's almost perfect too. My big bias is I like the games I make to be fun for me at my current skill level, but then I have to think about how easy Chapter 1 of celeste must have seemed to the devs. 

If I ever develop this further, it'll have a flatter difficulty ramp. But I think the puzzles as-is are pretty good. 

Oh no! I'm playing on a mac laptop with no scroll wheel and the double finger drag doesn't zoom, so I can't get the first password. 

Hilarious, because when I first opened this, I thought "Oh great, I spend all day in front of a terminal" but then it hooked me. 

 I love this idea, I think it looks great. I'll probably try it again later when I have access to a mouse. 

Very cute graphics and interesting puzzle dynamics. You incorporated a lot of different types of interactions for a jam game! 

I'm playing on smaller screen, so It was sometimes hard to see the whole level

Incredible art, especially in slomotion mode. I never did get the hang of the controls. It took me like 2 minutes to make the first jump. I guess I have a lot of muscle memory with space being jump. 

This is pretty slick. I like the layout and the hotkey placement and I think that with some polish, you can use this as a fun way to teach people about computer hardware. 

From an experience standpoint, I have one big note:

When you 'solving' the puzzle, you have to wait for the "victory" to load (all the bits entering the machine). This can okay if the puzzle is challenging, so just watching the execution of your work becomes a reward (like setting up dominos to watch them fall), but it doesn't work in cases like this. Even having the "speed up" button is just a band-aid on the underlying issue. Think about how you can make it so there is player tension until the last bit enters the machine. 

Thanks for playing! Do you mind elaborating more about the non-vine movement? I'd love to know what could be improved. 

Thanks! Did you get to the end? If so, i believe you're the first!

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Haha, thank you for your feedback. I agree that it's too hard after getting the feedback.

The vines are a chain of 5 pixel long, RigidBody2D's in static mode, chained together similar to some of rope tutorials you can find by googling "Godot rope physics". While in static mode, their size and position is controlled manually, and I rotate the segment the player is holding towards the plater at a rate proportional to the vine's width, but clamped. 

When the vine dies, I just change the collision layer and set the vine segments back into RIGID body mode. 

The main logic is here.

lol, I think I missed something and made it too hard. The last game I played was Celeste chapter 9... whoops. 

I have a full play through here showing the intended solution for each level:

It's hard for me too! In retrospect it's probably not a good sign for accessibility. I did create a full playthrough of all of the levels if you're interested. 

Here's a full playthrough: 

Thank you for playing!

There isn't really a secret on that one. I guess you have to just be fast. I agree with some other comments that the difficulty ramps up too quickly. I'll post a play-through video. 

Rad look! The graphics were killer. Coupla notes:

  1. I thought I was hitting everything because it would dissapear as soon as I passed it. Maybe wait until it's off camera to get rid of things. 
  2. The buttons in the menu did not work well. I had to hover the 'Play' button hard to get my mouse to click it. I could not change the Player name as much as I tried. 
  3. It kept saying "half speed" but I didn't know if that was because I was being punished and slowing down, or halfway to full speed because I was doing well. 
  4. Probably not necessary, but putting some bounds on the camera is probably a good idea. 

Of course, I wouldn't have many opinions if it wasn't fun. 

Also, I have to say the tutorial text in the walls was perfect.

Cool game! Def had to read the tutorial. 

Cool Dark Soulsy vibe. Awesome graphics; the light shading is really artfully done. Awsome audio. It was hard to play.  I feel like my controls broke whenever I was near a candle or a fireplace. I don't know what the white "interaction" icon was supposed to mean and when I'd stand next to those things my character would stop walking. 

I love the pixel art and the aiming mechanism is G.R.E.A.T. great. It felt impossible to excape the axe peple once they got you. 

Amazing art. Looks awesome. Switching between characters feels awkward, but that might be a skill thing. There is a lot of exposition in the beginnning. 

Had to watch the tutorial. Music was quirky and cool. Controlls felt really unintuative for what is essentially running around and clicking. 

Please build for mac?

Cool graphics and audio. Controls were mostly tight, except when trying to turn and shoot fast. Knights felt like they posed no threat at all. Archers were only effective when they shot at you from offscreen. A little better ai for the enemies would make all the difference for this guy, but a great job for a week!

Crashes on mac for me as well. 

Great local multiplayer game, reminds me a lot of "Hidden in plain sight". Controls are smooth. Audio could be louder. Requires two players. 

Really slick storytelling. Very immersive. 

Thanks Knives! I'm glad you were able to figure it out. I was going for a little bit of frustration to help build to that AHA! moment. 

I'll address your feedback inline. 

The "flashlight" feature, or w/e, seems to cause a bit of weird texture glitches

  • Agreed. Actually creating a nice look and feel is the thing I have the least amount of experience in, so it takes me the longest and I have the least time for on jams like this. I'm sure I'll get better and faster over time. 

The green button resets the door opening each time you press it, instead of just extending the timer

  • This is actually by design. It could more elegantly close before opening, but the door opening is the only feedback the player has for how long they have left to get out. 

Getting thrown around the room and dealing with invisible walls can be a bit confusing and frustrating, so it makes it seem like the controls are a bit clunky and non-responsive

  • This is the one bug I keep forgetting to fix, and has to do with the default behavior of physics collision bodies when one of them ends up inside another. In the 'optimal path' I mainly use for testing, this doesn't happen, so I forget about it. Maybe I'll fix it now!

Thanks again for your feedback. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've made too. 

Ahh! I got stuck at: 


"You can heat up the screwdriver to melt the plastic stopper on the window! How would you be able to do that?"

Slick new take!

I ran into a couple of problems with collisions near the edge of the force field, and it was frustrating to be slower than the ball, but I enjoyed getting to level 4!

I escaped!