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9/10ths of the LawView game page

In a city plagued with drug abuse, possession is enough to execute on.
Submitted by CloneDeath, mongoosled — 1 hour, 33 minutes before the deadline

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Godot version
3.1 Stable

Yes, link provided in game description

Game description
Currently, you're a cop, and your goal is to raid a drug dun, take out the thugs, and collect as much evidence as you can.

The original idea also had demonic possession.... but due to scope creep and us being off by a day for the submission deadline, it's just about drug possession.

D to aim, F to shoot, Arrow Keys to move.

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I love the pixel art and the aiming mechanism is G.R.E.A.T. great. It felt impossible to excape the axe peple once they got you. 


The game is obviously unfinished, but I liked the aiming mechanism. It is a nice way to show how the character needs to steady his weapon to shot accurately.


Audio is so easy to add in Godot. It would make your game 10x better!


Ohh yes, I agree. The problem is, we thought the deadline was Sunday night, not Saturday night, and only learned that like 3 hours before it was due! We spent the next two hours scrambling, making a game of the engine and content we'd created. We definitely suffered from scope creep, pretty hard.

But I agree, we had like an hour to spare, and I totally could have added sound for the main menu at least.

Thanks for calling me out, if nothing else, I'd do that one minor detail differently.


If time was tight, a simple gunshot noise would take you further than any amount of background music.


I was thinking that too...

You're right, focus on biggest impact... 

That's why I'm doing all this! To learn! I really appreciate the feedback.


Very cool concept, and surprisingly fun! I'd like to see more kinds of enemies, and difficulty (I didn't get hit once). It was boring walking back through the building after finding the weed stash because the character walks so slow, but maybe I missed something.


So, you could actually drop down from the final room directly to the exit by pressing down and the jump button. You find a secret stash there too