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Submitted by Cryptic Silver Games — 1 hour, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Godot version
3.1 Stable

Game description
A exploration rogue like game set in a dark catacomb with an ever changing layout. Navigate your way through the dangers of the dark with only the guide of your torch.

Dying resets you back to level 1
Avoid pits, they are instant deaths
Move towards the black wraiths with your torch to scare them away.
When your torch fades the next hit will possess you.
You can relight your torch at any campfire, finding them is key to surviving.

W A S D - Movement Shift - Sprint E - Interact (w/ items that have a floating marker above them) Space - Swing Torch Q - View Health and Stamina ESC - Pause

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Cool Dark Soulsy vibe. Awesome graphics; the light shading is really artfully done. Awsome audio. It was hard to play.  I feel like my controls broke whenever I was near a candle or a fireplace. I don't know what the white "interaction" icon was supposed to mean and when I'd stand next to those things my character would stop walking. 


Hey John,

Thanks for playing. 

We regretfully didnt get a tutorial done in time, and noticed glitches that we didnt have time to solve last minute, such as the interaction not working when certain events play out. We also are aware of a glitch that causes you to get stuck in a state that you can't move if you are attacked during the interaction animation.

I am glad that you enjoyed the work we put into the visual and audio side of our game, we were fortunate to have a dedicated Artist and Sound Designer to build our assets. 

Thanks again for playing and leaving your feedback. It's always beneficial to obtain feedback from real players. 

Cryptic Silver Games


Liked the randonmess but truly feels unfair as black clouds approach at FTL speed and you can do nothing. Graphics are ace, would like to see some code.

Developer (2 edits)

We debated about slowing down the Wraiths but decided to focus our priorities on other mechanics. If you were not aware, you are able to shine your light at the Wraiths and they will flee. 

I will discuss amongst the team regarding sharing the code we used for the random dungeon creation.

Thank you for your feedback xPheRe!

Cryptic Silver Games 


I second that, I saw the shadows coming but the characters seems slow to react and swings the torch way too late. In the end I just didn't try to kill them and just ran away.

That said the atmosphere is deliciously creepy! Well done.


It seems the issue may stem more from a lack of clarity on mechanics. With the Wraiths you dont have to hit them, just shine your light in their direction. This will cause them to flee.

Hindsight 20/20: A tutorial level would have been very beneficial in explaining the mechanics.

Submitted (1 edit)

Oh, indeed that totally escaped me. I'll give it another try tonight!
If you can't do a tutorial level in time, a few paragraphs on the game's page would be enough I think.


Good advice, I updated our Games Description.

Thanks Phil

Submitted (1 edit)

I REALLY like the artwork and audio. 

I might need a gentler onboarding experience though. Some of my first deaths felt unfair because I didn't guess that the slightly darker patch was a death trap.


I agree, there are some mechanics that are hard to understand without an explanation. Will be sure to put priority on a tutorial next go around.

Thank you for the feedback plexsoup!

Cryptic Silver Games