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This game gives me scary and funny vibes at the same time. I loved this game its a great concept very creative.

I jumped in with out reading the tutorial and i was a little confused. but once i got it the game was really fun as long as you have some one to ploy with.

Pretty cool game, a little short though. I like the door animations and the main menu looked so cool.

This game looks great. I really like the art style. the concept is an interesting idea I feel like the game play concept would play better in a different perspective.

pretty fun zombie survival. I really like the movement around the small asteroid or planet that your on.

This game looks great and it feels pretty good with the exception of the excruciatingly slow movement. sadly I couldn't make it past the RATS. I ended up rage quieting. sorry

nice little shooter. that reminds me of some classic games

I like the idea of being the ghost and doing paranormal stuff. the gameplay just didn't seem like much was happening or I was missing something

I was confused on the first level. but after some time I figured it out. but one the second level i had no idea what to do.

I like the catchy name. The game its self was bugy and simple, bit its an interesting concept

I don't know why the games called Celantro but it is fun. I kept trying to get a high score, but I dont think I was good enough. anyways, I loved almost every thing about this game. the music is great and the audio is pretty good to. the game looks great and has this nice angle that allows you to see whats coming up. 

I think the game takes to long to speed up. the fun parts are when you are moving quick and dodging obstacles. Also when you mess up and get hit, it completely stops you and I have to wait a while before i get going again. The camera shake when speeding up makes it difficult when your at high speeds I think there's a little too much shake.

Very interesting puzzle game. this kind of puzzle game has a lot of potential.

Mechanically simple but deeply enjoyable. This is a perfect mobile type game.

This game reminds me of plants vs zombies but its not stuck on lanes. pretty fun.

My flowers are locked down. The bugs couldn't even attempt to break my defenses!

pretty neat idea. Although I was a little confused at first. I didn't know how to use the magnet mechanic but I eventually figured it out.

The Level design is pretty simple but its a cool concept. I like the idea of a different attack every time. In a complete game the player would have to rethink his or her approach after every attack.Also I liked the way you setup the tutorial. pretty cleaver.

if you don't mind checking my submission that would be highly appreciated. its called Robot Rampage.

I hope you don't mind the "shameless plug" ;)

I love the concept.

Cool game! Although, the difficulty spikes so quickly  I couldn't get past the second level.