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Mr. Prickles and Betty BalloonView game page

This is a game about the unlikely pairing of a Cactus and a Balloon who want to nothing more than to be together

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Out of Place Cacti


Game Description
This is a game about the unlikely pairing of a Cactus and a Balloon who want to nothing more than to be together.

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Oof, the aesthetic is really solid and the concept is really good, but the execution is lacking. The controls are just too sluggish, the level design is really barebones, the nice looking sprites just BEG for a few more frames of animation and the lack of sound really gets to you after a while.

tl;dr - solid concept, but it needs some more work.

A good concept, but the execution isn't quite there. The art is nicely drawn, but quite sparse; the levels often feel very empty, which isn't helped by the near-complete of any sound. The gameplay is a good concept (and the set-up had me laughing out loud), but the sluggishness of your ability to control your balloon-beau makes the challenge quite frustrating. The fact that you can't control the camera to check what's above you before you start ascending doesn't help.


Great character art! Really enjoyed this one.

This was a short and quirky game that I had fun playing. The animations were particularly great, seeing the cactus wave its arms around when flying was pretty funny!

An adorable idea, combined with adorable graphics. I like the inflate/deflate mechanic in combination with keeping her safe as well. Overall, very well done.

What a cute pop up concept! Really pulled it off. 


I think I beat the game? Level 3 doesn't feel finished since there is a long pathway to nothing in the middle of the level... And once I beat it the game froze. :(

Other than that, I love the art, the idea and the idea but it would really benefit from having a few levels introducing you to the abilities and then gradually getting harder, the jump from level 1 to level 2 is pretty high atm.

Would have loved some music too!! A bit boring when its so quiet...


We're iterating on level design today. Would love to add some music as well.

Thanks for playing!

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I love the idea, it's so f*cking heartwarming!
Unfortunately I had no idea how to pass the second level. Maybe I'm missing something but I could't get onto the upper platform and it seems I have to to pass the level.


Hey Bitron, you can fly as mentioned in the tutorial by lengthening the rope to the balloon all the way out. Let her flyyyy!