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Boundary ConditionsView game page

Change the borders to change your path.
Submitted by lpriebe — 59 minutes before the deadline

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Godot Version

Theme chosen
Out Place Cacti

Game Description
Collect and use cacti to alter the game borders and open new paths in a Metroidvania puzzle platformer.

Use the arrow keys to move and R to respawn if you get stuck. Other controls are explained in-game.

Discord server usernamer

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Man, visuals are pretty underwhelming. It is understandable to not have the most astonishing, beautiful sprites in game you make for a week-long jam, but in this game it gets more problematic, every room feels the same, seeing the same tile repeated over and over in every segment of map makes you confused, this is bad design.

That being said, I can't wait for your non-jam  games, which won't be limited by deadline. The concept you came up with is pure fun, I want more of this. I can't understand how possibly you could come up with so many fresh ideas and put them all in this one game, everything in less than 9 days. Like John said you should definitely explore this mechanic further, you are really good at it :DDD

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Okay, so the graphics are sparse, there's absolutely no sound, it has next to nothing to do with the theme, and you can't control the height of your jump in midair.

Apart from that, this game is fantastic. That puzzle mechanic is utterly brilliant and I implore you to develop it further. Seriously.


I haven't played a great puzzle game in a long time. This game just resetted that counter. :D

Apart from good graphics and controls, what I'm mostly praising about this game is its level design. You are playing in one big level composed of many rooms, but your abilities in the beginning are very limited and you can't reach them all. As you play you slowly acquire different powers, each giving you a different perspective on the rooms, allowing you to get where you couldn't before. Finally when you get the last power, you enter the endgame state which gets insanely interesting. No room is seen the same now. Hardcore out-of-the-box thinking and big-picture thinking is required as all the rooms are now more connected than ever. You'll respawn very often after several of your strategies haven't worked. And just when you think you're stuck... you'll find a solution that was right in front of you the whole time. :)

Thanks for this lovely puzzle experience. I enjoyed every part of it. And it very much reminded me of a similar flash game called K.O.L.M. I'm very sad that there is no audio at all, otherwise this game would be a masterpiece of this jam. Well done. Really well done.


This game is amazing! It has some really think-out-of-the-box mechanics. I like them. Very creative.

Unfortunately I couldn't finish it, but it was a good experience.

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I believe the creativity and level design skills needed to come up for a game like this is pretty astounding, so serious kudos. The intro itself made me pretty hyped to play. I couldn't finish as I got lost in the multiple rooms but I still enjoyed every minute, so well done!

Unfortunately I was unable to finish this due to some control issues with my keyboard, but what I did see was really interesting!


LOVE this one! The feel of the game is perfect.  


The main mechanic of this game is wonderful, hope you keep working on it!

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I think I am stuck here

EDIT: nevermind, found my way!


I was too! Took me a minute to realize you are pretty mobile while in the air.