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Love the aesthetic. Yes the pickups should reset the FOV more, but awesome idea. And Shout out to a fellow Godot user! 

Thanks! I had to work this weekend so I had to cut it short. 

Thank you!

It was in browser. So it could very well be just the ever troublesome HTML5 export glitchiness.

Awesome! I had to take my headphones out to avoid wetting myself.


Fun. But got too easy once I got the hang of it. so many candles placed the game started dropping frames. Very cool art and music!

The controls are the arrow keys. 

I loved the "Lite-Brite"-esc graphics during the game play!

Loved the feel of the game! It was a bit too easy...or I just got lucky on my first play through. 

You are absolutely right. That was one thing I ran out of time on was teaching the player how to play the game! Oh well. Now I know.

LOVE this one! The feel of the game is perfect.  

I was too! Took me a minute to realize you are pretty mobile while in the air. 

I will. Thank you!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate you giving it a shot.  The trap door opens if you have high enough if you miss a few bubbles in the's way to hard to come back from.  Something I should have made way easier for the first level. 

Thanks. It should be fixed now. 

Uploading the (hopefully) fixed version now...I clearly have a deep misunderstanding about how exporting works...

Love it!