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A jam submission

Cacti Run - Project for Godot Wild Jam #6View game page

Submitted by The Neo GameFactory, maurehago β€” 6 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline

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Cacti Run - Project for Godot Wild Jam #6's page


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Godot Version
Godot 3.1 Beta 3

Theme chosen


Game Description
It's a Endless Runner. You can also Jump and .... can you defeat your or your Friends Highscore?

W - Jump
A - Left
D - Right

Discord server usernamer
The Neo GameFactory and maurehago

Participation Level
First one

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Schân gemacht! sieht richtig gut aus und macht Spaß - richtig gute Arbeit


Da hell! What a funny lil game. Quick and easy controls, just start and play, thats the way i like it! 😁


Great Game, and really great visuals, I think the background is really nice and polished, I would really like too see the character animated, I think it would give the game the energy that the music already has.


Thak you, animation is planned for future updates.
we had some trouble with blender animation to godot :(


The music alone got me so into this game, every time I crashed I thought I was done but then I mysteriously hit the restart button each time. Fantastic game and I had a lot of fun playing it. For your next version I would love to see some player animations. PS there is a special place in hell for whoever put that moving cactus in the level :D

Developer (1 edit)

Every time someone says that the Music is good i thinking, do he mean the first Song that appears or the second song after switching the Music :D
Because the first song is from me and the second is from Incompetech.

It's nice to read that you enjoy it so much. 
The Artist, maurehago, maked some Animations but we run into trouble with this. 
We was get a normal scale without animations and with animations the model was 5x bigger. We was sitting two days on this problem without any results, so we decided do release it without animations, but with the next update it will come.

Oh, then the special place is for me :D i maked the cactus moving :P


Who can beat the Dev Score :D


I really enjoyed the music and VO in combination with the fast-paced game! However, I wish the controls were a little more responsive. In general I'm not a huge fan of this type of game, so props for still making me enjoy it!


We added two themes :D so i hope you also liked the first music that appears, because that is the one i made :D :)
The second is from incompetech ;)
I hope you keep playing after the Rating period, because we want to improve and add some things.

By the way, i hate the jumping thing :D but real gravity was ugly and very flickering so this was the only fast way to do it.

Thank you for playing and enjoying it.


Fun game. I just wanted a little more "game-feel". Maybe some footstep sounds and a death animation.


Thank you for your Feedback 😊

We will implement this after Rating period. πŸ‘


I like the soundtrack, but i miss the game hasn't any sfx besides the voice. Great mechanics, great visuals, it's a fun game :D

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

yeah the missing sfx is my fault πŸ˜….

After the Rating period we want to Update the Game with some new Levels, powerups, sliding, Animations and also sfx 😊

This was our first Game with Godot and we have learned a much πŸ‘

Thanks for your Feedback and playing our Game πŸ˜€


For this Short Time a Good Game :)


Really nice game. I liked the graphics and the music was really great. The camera angle makes it a bit hard to estimate the right position of the character in the 3D space and I crashed a lot in the beginning. But you can get the hang of it over time.


The Camera... A topic i don't Like πŸ˜…

i was sitting to long on this πŸ˜… and i also don't like it πŸ˜‚

After the Rating period we want to Update our Game. πŸ‘


Please let us know if there any trouble with the game :)