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The Neo GameFactory

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This game is so Funny we need more :)

Nice little Game, but if you use Unity than export also Mac and Linux,please.

Both good engines :)

Which Engine? Is it godot? 👍😊

We like the Concept of this Game so much, that we decided to make a Mobile Game from this.
So yeah, this game will be more polished and more playtested ;)

Greetings from me :P

The Neo GameFactory, GameFactoryTutorials or the New Name on Twitch DieKillerfliege ;)

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Yeah, on my last minutes in testing, i gave me 99999 life to let it run, because it was so long for the next round, but we need time to read the midi notes and add it to an array, this takes a while and during gameplay it was not possible to make it bug free in 3 hours.

It was more a challenge for us, if we can make a beat based game :)

:D cool idea and it's so funny to hide behind a tree :D

Nice one :)

Yeah a kind of ;)

This is unique, i like it :)

I mean the real Website not the Google Drive 😉

I know, there was/is a Site with fanmade cartridge Covers... But i can't find it.

Anyone knows the Name of it?

Thank you, also for the tip with the flashing light.

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don't worry, me too. 😔😉

And.... One Bug exist.

One easter Egg doesn't start.

Really? I don't think so, i tested a lot of Games made with Godot and there was never a Virus alert pop up.

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i got a Virus alert on Windows PC. 🤔

Godot and DirectX? 🤔

I get a Virus alert ....

Shooting? Which key?

For this jam, the Wildcards are Missing in Google Drive.

Please fix.

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W1e50 all35 D0pp3lt?

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Flüssig auf Macbook Pro im Akkubetrieb :) Top
In 2880 x 1800 und Fatastatic

Wie jetzt, 😅, noch mehr Grusel?

Also muss ich das wohl nochmal spielen 😅

Sadly i wasn't able to submit my game :( 

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Hey, thank you for reporting the broken Link.

They removed the : after https....

i fixed it and here is the right Link.

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Ach hatte vergessen dein Spiel nochmal zu kommentieren 😣

Musik richtig gut, coole Grafik ist echt schick. Wann gibt's die Vollversion? 😊

PS: Hab durch euren Code schon wieder was neues gelernt 👍

Thak you, animation is planned for future updates.
we had some trouble with blender animation to godot :(

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Every time someone says that the Music is good i thinking, do he mean the first Song that appears or the second song after switching the Music :D
Because the first song is from me and the second is from Incompetech.

It's nice to read that you enjoy it so much. 
The Artist, maurehago, maked some Animations but we run into trouble with this. 
We was get a normal scale without animations and with animations the model was 5x bigger. We was sitting two days on this problem without any results, so we decided do release it without animations, but with the next update it will come.

Oh, then the special place is for me :D i maked the cactus moving :P

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Simple, but good.
The only think is,...., i missing some audio :(

Nice Soundtrack, good looking graphics :)
Simple game mechanics.

i like it :) 

Who can beat the Dev Score :D

We added two themes :D so i hope you also liked the first music that appears, because that is the one i made :D :)
The second is from incompetech ;)
I hope you keep playing after the Rating period, because we want to improve and add some things.

By the way, i hate the jumping thing :D but real gravity was ugly and very flickering so this was the only fast way to do it.

Thank you for playing and enjoying it.

with client

opening archive: creating zip extractor: zip: not a valid zip file

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The background movement.... my eyes are burning... it is way to fast

I love it :)

Thank you for your Feedback 😊

We will implement this after Rating period. 👍

The Camera... A topic i don't Like 😅

i was sitting to long on this 😅 and i also don't like it 😂

After the Rating period we want to Update our Game. 👍

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yeah the missing sfx is my fault 😅.

After the Rating period we want to Update the Game with some new Levels, powerups, sliding, Animations and also sfx 😊

This was our first Game with Godot and we have learned a much 👍

Thanks for your Feedback and playing our Game 😀

Hey dalton5000, 

Wieso bist du nicht mehr bei uns auf dem Discord Channel 😅

Werde dein Spiel mal antesten, sieht gut aus. :) Kannst ja auch unser Spiel testen 😊