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The Neo GameFactory

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...and it was awesome :)

I really love it :)

Upvote :)

wow, this idea is amazing :)

Hey thank you.

With windows you only have one virtual screen, desktop, with mac you have for every fullscreen application a virtual screen.
so in windows i must switch with alt+tab and with the macbook pro i switch with a gesture on the touchpad ;) and both are in fullscreen. three fingers on the touchpad and then slide it so the right or left side so switch the fullscreen apps. this is so easy and fast.

also, in windows i have the problem that xamarin studio doesn't open the correct file, if i click in the unity inspector on a c# file, xamarin only opens the project but not the file. so i must search in xamarin's hierarchy and so on...

but i really like the fullscreen app switch with three fingers on the touchpad. :)

You used also unity to make games, like the most of us, right?
please release also a linux and mac version if you have a download version ;)

my gaming pc is windows, but my programming is all done with a macbook pro. it speed up my programming you would not believe.

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Hey, you play it on linux :) (there is no analytics sdk in this game, i only saw this in the installs history from itch.io)
Great :)

Yeah it's now free, because of piracy. Also it is more a promo game for my tutorials :P
So if i continue my tutorials i will update this game ;)

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Ohh yes, you're so right. i also have no idea :(

holy shit, how do you made the borderlands look :)

ohhhh :D hmm a triangle wave pattern. i have no idea, at this moment :D but maybe i give it a try ;)

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If it is yes, then it is saber tooth not sawtooth ;)

or do you really mean a saw? o.O

Do you mean this here?



Yeah :D maybe ;)

i'm a perfectionist and that's the problem. i test my game several minutes to hours to balancing my game. and after uploading my project i tested it again and found out that i failed with balancing :D

the begin is very hard, and good so, but if you have at least 30 wood in your campfire it is to easy. i survived over 1200 seconds and then i lost my interest (200 wood in campfire at this time) ;) so i must make the enemy stronger with more wood in the campfire and that is what i learned for the next games :) ;)

Cool :) love the retro design :)

Wasn't easy, for me was the 1 hour rule only programming and designing the game. No Bug hunting, balancing, idea finding or asset importing :D

good bug hunting and test the game balance is the most important thing in development and that isn't done in one hour ;)

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This 1 Hour rule, is it meaning only the programming time or also the project setup in the engine? (Folder hierarchy or so)

i see nothing, only white circles :(