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Wow! Congrats to the Team. 
Awesome Game, it fells really polished, nothing to complain really...
If there's one thing that I would improve is the  Graphic Design/UI;  Especially on the Main menu, I only realised there's a 'chat' on the second time I was playing.  Maybe try to make the Menu more diegetic. On the game, I would  strongly indicate wich tool is selected
Anyway I really nitpicked it, cause the game is on point! 👌👌

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Mannnn!!! Amazing game! Really amazing, I have one little suggestion, the name of the game should be  - Fridge Adventures in the Underworld- or -Flip the Fridge-
hehehe , jokes aside, the game is really polished, mechanics are on point, audio  on point, the game fells fresh and original. I like that you make the theme a mechanic, maybe the art could be a little more interesting, but it serves the purpose very well. Congrats man! Great entry

Man! Amazing game! Congrats on the sound effects and music, really nice stuff... 

Man, So far is the one that I played the most time... Awesome gameplay, it feels really nice!

HOLY MOLY THOSE GRAPHICS! Man this game is awesome, and the amazing art ties it all together!

Great Game, and really great visuals, I think the background is really nice and polished, I would really like too see the character animated, I think it would give the game the energy that the music already has.

Thanks dude, It was really nice to see someone playing the game, I think we needed a little more time for refinement, we ended up not having the time to playtest and see the difficult of the orders.

Not to Infinity, but I can do multiple jumps on the air, don't know if thats intended, but made the platforms challenges irrelevant...

Man,  Congratulations, this game is awesome. The soundtrack is amazing. Really great stuff.

heheheh, I appreciate a lot that you kept the moonwalk mechanic :D

The game has great style! it plays and fells good, It is just as hard as a true nes game. Congratulations dude!

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11 potions! Cool game dude, solid mechanics, nice gameplay... I felt betrayed when I realized the potions weren't there to help me...

The game has a lot of room for improvement, I guess you know it. I think different enemys would make a good improvement, so then you have to prioritize some enemys instead of others and don't just keep walking in circles and shooting at the mass of enemys.

The character design and dialog is gold! the narrative is great, the look and fell of the game is really great, congrats man!

I taked more time than I should to undestand the mechanics, I guess some tutorial would be great (even some text on the itch page). 

The game has lots of style, the UI is really nice, these are really important in crafting games.

I know is an unfished submit, but the engine that you build is fun to play with, congrats dude!

The game is gorgeous, it have so much style, the voice lines, the main menu, all the assets are really cool.

But yeah, as the game's goes, you don't know what to do, and the lack of any kind of feedback to know if you are doing the right thing make everything confuse. I would deffinitely play a more finished version of this, it has a lot of potencial. Congratulations guys!

Ok, this game was a please to hate, OMG I want the green car dead, the drunk driver, I want him dead as well.
Ahehhehhe, this game was really funny, I caught myself pressing de " - " button way harder than I should to reignite the engine, and almost giving up on the green car, just to make the entire race on backwards stumping on  walls.

My Times if You guys want to beat it!

Red Car: 1:08.77

Green Car: 1:42.32

Broken grey Car: 1:08:51

Blue Car (Driving miss Daisy as I call it): 1:36:17

Orange Car: I woudn't do it to myself, I still have some self pity...

THIS ONE! man, this is gold! I really enjoyed the game, and for a 9 day game jam, this is really impresive! The mechanics are solid (of course there's room for improvement), the sound design and music are awesome, almost everything is great.

There's two points that I would improve a little, It was kinda harder at the start to see the differences from when you are drunk and not. Also a  little visual animation/feedback to know when the enemy is shooting would be great;
Second, the low res filter that you put on top of everything kinda screw somethings like the menu, the credits poster and the ui...

Anyway, amazing game, congratulations guys!

Never played a game as a kite before, liked the felling, The movement are kinda unresponsive, and you can jump to infinity, wich maked the levels kinda too easy... (probally needs a quick fix). Do you used a rigidBody or a kinematicBody? anyway, good job! 


Thanks dude

I was wondering if there is or going to be a Discord Server or any other sord of communication between the teams for this Jam?

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Sonho de Padaria (It translates like Dream from Bakery, is a brazilian joke)

Sooo... It was about time for me to write this Devlog. Sooo, I am working is this game for about 5 days and a lot of things have to be told.
(Sorry if I Wrote anything wrong, I'm from Brazil and never had any english classes).

Day 1

My initial idea for the game was a little weird, on the night the character would dream (in the format of a 2d plataformer) and by the day he would be interviewed by a psychiatrist(in the format of a kind of date simulator?), the point of the game was to prove to the psychiatrist that you are not insane.
Well, as you guys must imagine that won't worked. At least i left with some sprites for the 2d plataformer.

And here are some MS PAINT Concept Art.

Day 2

Well, I kind search around the web a unity tutorial for Date Simulator and I could not find a good one... I made a simple character with 2d mechanics for the 2d platform and got realy frustrated because it was lag;

And here are some lag mechanics...

Day 3

I was so Frustrated and upset that I don't even open Unity this Day... But I've come to the realisation that the thing about the psychiatrist was not a good idea, so i focused in making the 2d Platformer better.

Day 4

Well,  First I made the character flows way better by some corrections in the collision boxes, and with the help from the Discord guys I was able to correct the collision with walls, and by the end of the day added a few obstacles for my player to handle.

And here are some obstacles.

Day 5

Figured out what my game is going to be! A girl in a dream let her teddy bear fall into a nightmare and tries to save him from the evil monsters and boogieman. Well, the character in the game is actually based on my girlfriend, sooo i coudn't picture she beating up monsters and shooting guns, that said I don't want to the character to have super abilities, but to handle their challenges with the resources that they have and most important, don't hurt anyone.


And here are some new mechanics...

Hey, liked the idea! The game will be an Top view Rpg? 2d platformer?