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Cold Trail to Silver Creak
Submitted by dalton5000 (@dalton8000), Wagshadow — 1 hour, 51 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay (The mechanics and rules of the game)#53.1503.571
Design (This refers to the space where mechanics take place)#73.4023.857

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Godot version
3.1 Alpha 2

If requested

Game description
Snowy western thriller mixing Blackjack with Shootouts

WASD and space to move and interact,
Combat with mouse

Game Rules:

Both you and your opponent are trying to collect cards with a total value of 21.
Each turn, you may draw a card or pass. By passing, you end the round for both players.
Only the player with the higher total score gets to shoot. The damage you deal is equal to 21 - your total score.
If a player goes above 21 points, they're out of the round.
If a player manages to hit exactly 21 points, the critical effect of their weapon is applied.
There are many items and weapons which will modify how these rules work, and many strategies for you to employ.

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Cool concept, and I love the art style! But I had a few technical issues: first I tried it on linux (manjaro) and the game starts, then gets past the intro text, but WASD movement doesn't work and the dialogue at the beginning doesn't start . The mouse input seems to work fine as I could use the weapon select and skip the intro text. Anyway I just downloaded the windows version and it worked fine through wine.


The character design and dialog is gold! the narrative is great, the look and fell of the game is really great, congrats man!

I taked more time than I should to undestand the mechanics, I guess some tutorial would be great (even some text on the itch page). 


I like the presentation, but either there isn't much strategy to it, or I suck at card games. I suspect more the latter than the former.

Also, the linearity of it means some potential is wasted; you could go off the beaten path to get some restorative items, say; or get items/weapons from defeating enemies. Incidentally, there was nothing to stop me walking straight past everyone except the first enemy, which is a good thing, as I'd never have made it to the final boss otherwise.


Really cool game!! I get that there are some bugs that you're just itching to release a patch for so I won't go into those.

Since I knew that the card game was going to be a modified kind of blackjack I understood the rules of the game after a while, but I think you can add something to help explain the rules a bit.

The experience as a whole was really solid, I loved the serious western style contra the pixelated guys playing blackjack to shoot each other.