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An energetic and creative 2d platformer, with gravity shifting mechanics.
Submitted by KingTide44 — 16 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline

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Godot version

Game description
Flipp is a difficult, but creative, and energetic platformer, that requires mastering gravity, to platform "under the world".

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to platform around levels, until you reach the end.

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First time!

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Very tight, charming platformer. Loads of game feel. Impressive, given how simple the main character sprite appears. 


The graphics are looking nice despite the simplicity, and I like the juicy animations. The music has good mixing but is a bit unsettling harmonically. I'm not sure if I want to listen to it throughout the entire game.

Granted I'm not a very good platformer player, but I find it too easy to slip off an edge and end up bouncing around a gravity line in the middle of nowhere. The game also punishes players for trying to go back and get a missed coin because that will get the player stuck. I feel these combined with the lack of checkpoints made the later levels more frustrating than fun for me that I just gave up. But overall this is still a good entry and I can see why diehard platformer fans would like it. Nice game!


Threw my keyboard across the room after 10 minutes, so it gets a tick in my books.

Needed a new keyboard anyway...


Cool game with a very nice game mechanic! The game's difficulty could have been a bit less for me, but i ve seen other do better than me, when i watched them playing, so it is ok.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Mannnn!!! Amazing game! Really amazing, I have one little suggestion, the name of the game should be  - Fridge Adventures in the Underworld- or -Flip the Fridge-
hehehe , jokes aside, the game is really polished, mechanics are on point, audio  on point, the game fells fresh and original. I like that you make the theme a mechanic, maybe the art could be a little more interesting, but it serves the purpose very well. Congrats man! Great entry

Really nice game! The best game mechanics of the jam in my opinion. It plays really smooth. I think you could have easily done something more with the theme though besides the mechanics? Then you could have had an even better shot at being the Wildling. ;)

At some point all the controls just stopped working and I was forced to quit, no progress was saved sadly. (Played on Windows) :( Also escape should have had a yes or no I think, now it's quite easy to remove your progress, something I encountered after the first level luckily, or maybe just implement the menu with a continue in it?


Thanks for the compliments.

I hope you noticed all of the writing on the walls, and perhaps the cheat code box ;).
That was my save system. I kind of went retro with that one. Although, there's also coin saving. Don't worry about that, at least ;).

Also, by escape, do you mean the esc to main menu, or the quit by clicking on the close button?
The esc requires a confirm press, but honestly I didn't even really consider the close button.


I did notice the writing but did not connect the dots nor could I really read the font/blocks. I meant the Escape key yeah.


A great submission! You found an innovative and fun mechanic and designed around that. The moment i jumped into the first decent and expected to die, then got flipped was so good.

The graphics are simplistic but look decent and don't get in the way of gameplay. The music you picked is nice, but very overused - I was wishing for a button to turn it off, but keep the effects.

In terms of gameplay i have nothing to point out, it's just a well made, fun game. Good Job!!


Just so you know, the music button on the homepage turns off the music but keeps the effects. :)


That certainly is a nice idea! Good Job!