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Heracles in the UnderworldView game page

Heracles goes deep into the Underworld to capture the Hellhound Cerberus
Submitted by dalton5000 (@daltondoesit), JohnGabrielUK (@JohnGabrielUK), Phildjii (@MalveseGames) — 3 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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Godot version

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Game description
Turn based Strategy about the 12th task of Heracles in playing greek mythology

Mouse, keyboard optional

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Phildjii, Dalton5000, JohnGabrielUK

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This was lots of fun, and very true to the theme: Hades, the original underworld!

There are lots of ways to "solve" each room, but that doesn't detract from the puzzle-rpg cross-over feel.  Along those lines, perhaps there could be an extended-play mode with randomly generated rooms; I suspect you can find the right balance between "can just make a bee-line to the stairs" and "no way to walk into the room without taking damage".

My only complaint was that it was a bit unintuitive how to "aim" things like charge and boulders.  I didn't realize at first that charge actually needs an open space between Heracles and the first monster, nor was it immediately clear that boulders were targeted by clicking one of the four tiles cardinally adjacent to Heracles.  (I at first tried to click the monster I intended to hit instead.)  A visual cue like always highlighting tiles a selected action can affect could help with this.  Also, I found myself clicking an already selected action in attempt to deselect it; that might make sense as an alternative to right-clicking.


Great game! Just would have liked tooltips over the buttons to re-explain the tool's purpose.

Audio, visuals, mechanics were all great!


A very nice and polished game with cool art, colors and music and also font that is looking great. Very good job! 

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It was a nice game .The theme, the graphics, the controls...All in all, very good.

But is too short. game is over, when I feel it will start.

Can evolve a hard mode? Only 1 move per turn, maybe.

And some bugs : 

- when I push the boss(is that a boss?) enemy against the wall, but it was not dead; finally I use the spear kill it to win the last scene.

- In the end of the game, I click restart, it's not restart.


Thank you for reporting Cerberus in the wall. It is a bug I only discovered yesterday :/ While testing the levels I just never happened to charge him against a wall. But I'm happy you still found a way to finish the game :D


While I feel this is a bit short, it is very fun to play and I seriously feel I haven't had enough. Graphics are very well drawn, the soundtrack is high quality and has just the right amount of epicness. The crash and the low framerate in browser is a bit unfortunate, but all in all this is an amazing entry!


Thank you for the feedback, it's much appreciated :)


One of the best game jams I've ever played.
Visuals are dope, Soundtrack is fantastic, and gameplay is FUN!
As reported to you guys there's that segfault after level 5 or 6 but that should not hinder me giving you the rating you deserved.
Love it! 

A few minor notes:
- I was a bit confused about how to actually use weapons at first, but I did figure it out quickly
- I might have missed it, I was surprised when I found out the jars heal me. That is something for the Tutorial, I'd say.
- The "who's turn is it" display did not seem accurate. Sometimes it showed that it's my turn even though enemies moved, sometimes it was on an enemy turn when it was my turn.

Though these really are minor flaws that I would expect in a jam game, nothing to be ashamed of. Over all it's feels very polished!


Thanks a lot for the praise and valid criticism :) I'll try to improve on each point!

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I really like what this could have been. However it's extremely buggy, when I start the game there is a 50% chance of black screen. Using a ability when the game does not want you to simply freezes all input and forces you to quit and restart. I played the web version. I will download it and see if that is any better. *edit* Windows version has same problems with ability but does not have the black screen bug.


Thanks for your feedback! The blackscreen on game start is a godot related issue from my understanding and is out of our hands to fix :(

You can leave the "action mode" with right click or escape key. I understand this is not intuitive, however, the game is not stuck in these states.

Aah I tried that but I used right button on the ability and that does not work you have to use right button on the field, very unintuitive. Also escape does not work sadly. Actually getting to play the game now, it's amazing! :D


I'm very glad to hear you could enjoy the game now :)

In an eventual post game version, i'll definitely change the action handling based on your feedback. Thanks!


The game's general idea was fun and loved the idea of the character, adding a myth/legend theme was real nice. The audio was dope! loved the tune totally fitted with the overall theme and general game design. The controls I, personally found difficult  when i clicked on an ability and then refreshed it would still have that ability selected. The game took a lil' too long to load. Also froze quite a bit.

Loved the game and really good submission.