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Thank you very much for playing and taking your time to explore it ❤️... and for the video👌😊.
Oh an you got the Love-Ending 💕

Thank you for playing ❤️. I don't think you've missed something, but episode 2 'Awer3ness Den1ed' and 3 'Exsynchronos' really have hidden areas, secret doors, portals and some extra story parts. 

🤔... yes... otherwise episode 2 and 3 wouldn't make sense. I mean this part has just one ending. 

Thank you very much for your trust and interest ❤👍 it's awesome to know that my old tumblr blog is still a great way to get in contact. Your allowed to kick my ass, as i've seen this comment was posted a year ago...😲 probably while i was producing and my head-RAM overloaded. I apologize, please forgive me. 
Have a nice day 🤟 

Can't wait for it,  i'm addicted to your games! 👍

█  █EVER EXPECT██   ██████   █████   █████████  █████ SURPR████

███  █████ ████████ AND BECA██  ██ ████ █████    ██████ ████████

███████   ███  █████  ██POSSIBLE  ██████ ███   ██ ██E MOMENT █ █████

█████COMPLET████████  ███████████ ███  ███████ WHAT THE F███ ████

████ ███   ██████ NOBO████EVER  ██████ ███ █████

██████ ██████████ █ ██ THAT█S  ███ I  LOVE THI█  S███  😄👍  TH███ YOU

Thank you very much for playing and giving feedback. Absolutely desired. 👍

Thank you very much for playing and sharing your video, it was a pleasure to watch you playing and fighting through the whole thing. Awesome 👍

Thank you very much for playing  I'm glad to see that the game still finds some players who take their time to dive into the game. ❤👍

Thank you very much for playing and taking your time for feedback ❤. And sorry for my late response, currently having some stressy time. Your comment exactly hits the point... it's about the unknowable, i mean i tried to push the game in that direction as good as possible :-) Thank you and have a nice day 🤘

I'm also using manjaro. Whats your 3d hardware specifications/vendor etc?  Do other unity games act the same?

Thank you very much for playing and for your review. It's releaving to know that there are others that are into cyberspace topics and enjoy these kind of games. I hope you survived EXsynchronos and that it brought you the fun it was supposed to do. Best regards ✌

Thank you very much for playing and for your feedback. I'm not sure if the visuals of EX are matching, but i think it could be as wild as your game will be. meloveyou is pretty harmless compared to Awaren3ss Den1ed and almost hilarious and cute compared to EXsynchronos 😄 But i'm sure you're used to this kind of style. I already saw you're making "Wild Dose" and it looks awesome. One of these rare games i'm exited to play. 😎

Naaa don't worry. I'm not that kind of person. Itch is still the place to be and i'm not a fan of these "use itch as steam advertising" tactics. Just wanna bring some gaming fun to people, trusting in donations and i hope that will work in the future too 😊

You're correct. I agree. This is my sixth free game now and i'm just a bit pissed how indiegames get handled (not only mine). So many great games on itch and it makes me sad seeing devs gave up cus of the named points. I create games for passion, i never hung up on money, thats why i left software business and became a poor dev on demand... i know it sounds stupid, but once you survived a burnout you decide for your health instead of career. Its just that my workstation and tools slowly falling apart. i cant affort any hardware right now to fix it, nor will i be able to create anything. I feel sad when i cant design and code, hope there will be better times. ✌

You already told me how much you hate my work and how much it ruined your life. I responded kindly and respect opinions, instead of ignoring. Now you insult me with some faky life advise. Dispite the reaction from other creators you started bullying here on itch, we have our Community Rules that apply to everyone. I activated comments because i trust in feedback to imrove the game, like most devs do. Its not to bitch around for people that should <"think about doing something else with your life">. Of course this is up to you, but hate changes nothing except getting ignored or deleted. 

I found a gem. A mysterious one that perfectly hits my favor. Another proof that it's worth digging deep into's games. A highly playable prototype, almost 3 years old, no ratings, no comments as if no one had ever played it (which would be sad). You need to be open-minded to enjoy trips like this game, being able to twist your brain and switch off typical gameplay mechanics you're used to. I love to get thrown into strange virtual worlds with almost no guide where i get the freedom to just try out things and find a way to progress. The more surreal and glitchy it is, the more i love it. If it comes up with some sort of low-level aesthetics, it's even better. But this game goes even further. There is... stuff going on... these different scenes you visit... something makes sense not only from an artistic view... but i can't describe it. 
For some reasons, i felt pretty much welcomed in this game. The minimal art and the use of shaders (one of them looked like some sort of conway cell-automata) had absolutely fascinated me. Some concepts felt similar to my own creations and for the first time, i didn't feel alone anymore... may sound pathetic... but it's nice to know that there are other devs playing around with cyberspacy concepts. 
Awesome! I know i'm 3 years to late but: 
Thank you Firgof for sharing this prototype. 

Thank you for your patience. I just pushed another update 5 minutes ago with a FIX for the altTabbing out of window stuff that caused a lot of other problems that you reported.  I already edited the comment for the fixed stuff and was right on my way to twitter to message you and thank you (i thought you never come back here 😄). So i can do it here: THANK YOU ❤. 
Also i'm not pissed or anything and i would never admit that i was pissed as fuck before 🤣🤣.

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Bonsoir, monsieur. Your feedback sounds painful and i'm sad that my game tortured you. You won't play again so i try to reduce this to important points. 2 Updates got pushed. I put a 3min gameplay clip on this page, showing first steps, these platforms you wrote about and how to interact.

Edit: Tabbing out of Window without pausing the Game caused mouse position fail -> FIXED /Edit End
Game gets saved on every Streamback-Point in first level (like shown in the video), that wasn't the case in older builds. Walkcycle-delay doesn't appear when key shortly pressed but character controller gets replaced anyway. 
Walls that switch collider (in current version v009) got a sign : "DataGate Active"

[Difficulty all over the place VS sections where you can just walk]
Ok i'm confused. You won. 

[Sadly, the gameplay and level design don't really follow the path set by the visuals.]
...exactly,  just erase the first word and you get the view of someone who iterated through design, story and gameplay over months. A place of corruption not made by man but machine, yet it leads strait to the next map. Thank you for taking your time to write detailed feedback, your opinions were welcome, excuse me that i do not agree with everything.
Greetings, have a nice and sunny weekend 😎, 

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You're welcome and i think other players will welcome these new functions too. To me they make much sense. I always take care of players of my games but i have to admit that i'm currently facing some heavy problems here. Eventually I'll implement these new functions to Episode One and Two... but first i must win the war vs some critical unity engine flaws. 💥 Happy Devastation!
EDIT: Done! 😄 UPDATE IS NOW LIVE Important story elemets are now more readable via DecryptorModule (press Left ALT Key after Data collected).

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Woooow thank you for your important suggestion 👍👍👍 and of course thank you very much for playing. I remember that readability thing from my first Todo-List. While the game was in production over the last year, my whole workplace filled up with sketches and notes. I completely lost track of it, Please forgive me 🙏 . I think it will be helpful for others too. I will push another Update in a few hours. Thank you ❤
EDIT: Done!

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Thank you very much for playing and sharing video 🤟. The game got an update yesterday and i'm currently researching the bug you reported. This could lead to another patch i'll push within the next hours. 👋
EDIT: Okay it took a full day 😵 but Update is now live and available for all systems. See DevLog:
Thank you for reporting ✌

Thanks for trying and for the rant. Now i'm also pretty much disappointed as according to your comment it's hopeless and nothing to improve. 
I hope your headache ended and you're fine again. Kind regards

That's true, but since Matrix i think most people would understand. And Neuromancer and Tronfans should get it anyway. But even if not, if they had their fun, the game did it's job. Thanks again and don't forget to update the game before pl41n6 n3x7 t1m3 😄

Thank you very much for playing and sharing your video 👌. Also telling your thoughts while playing is helpful as hell, because my testers just rushed through the game in under 2 hours like it was a joke to them (i'm currently rearranging a few things, because all i want is players to have fun, so i'm currently collecting opinions). I was amazed that you directly got what's going on in the story and how fluent you read all the leetspeek crap, Respect! You almost solved the last puzzle in your video as the exit terminal was waiting for your input (just4theCaseYouLLtryAgain). Greetings and thanks for your feedback 🤟

Awesome, that will be very helpful. Thank you! ❤🤟

Thank you very much for playing and sharing your video. 👍👍👍 You just missed a button on the ceiling next to the glass globe. But i would give you a price for being brave enough to try the game on highest settings 😄 wonderful. Also i'm always collecting players opinions to improve it on further updates. Thank you 🤟

Thank you very much for playing, sharing video and for your feedback. Also giving some specs was very helpful so i can make a mark on my compatibility list for hardware and OS. I was only able to test it on Manjaro and Ubuntu, so feedback from linux players with same or different systems is very welcome. Thank you 👍👍👍

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Thank you very much for playing and for your kind words. This helps me a lot to get rid of my worries and it shows me that it was worth all the months of hard work, while always listening to players opinions and .. EDIT: oh wait, you saw these pattern, that's pretty cool 👌 
Thank you for taking your time to give this feedback 🤟,

Thank you very much for playing and for the neat feedback. And i'm absolutely with you about the fact, that the duck-puzzle may be a bit hard. I'm glad you've seen the book in the cellar (i've seen many players that just walked by) I thought that the candle would be enough catch the attention. I'm already exited about the video. Thanks for sharing and best regards,

Thank you very much for playing , for the nice feedback and for the rating. It seems the game and the story it tells worked well for you and knowing this is like gold 👍.  I already saw you also played Vincent and the Woodshraad so that doubles my happyness.  I'm exited about the video, youtube still says it's getting progressed. I'll watch it as soon it's ready. Best regards,

A great gameplay video we got here. 👌 Took my time and completely watched it.  Quite a lot of patience after a hundred deaths, my respect. Thank you very much playing 👍

Awesome. I already stayed up 24hrs to reach all corners of the world and bring the game to players who are interested. But at least it's all about recommendations by players that share my stuff. It's absolutely desired and helpful. 👌
I'm much like the same when playing games, i like to try out and find out about everything, don't like getting told what to do next. And that's why all of my games work in that kind. So i hope you'll have your fun playing and exploring my other games. Thanks again for playing and thank you for recommending and sharing some words. 👍👍👍

Thank You very much for playing  ❤❤❤ It seems that game did exactly what it was created for. I've put so much work and love into it.  I was already worried because of the silence, thinking that i've maybe produced a huge mess. I feel really releaved now. Thank you for this feedback. 👌

Thank you very much for playing, for your feedback and sharing your video. Of course watching gameplay is very helpful and absolutely desired. 👍 Subscribed!
Greetings and Regards

Almost some neat work and i hope TV-Guy will play it too,... and maybe let him watch a whole messed up episode of himself that never existed 😄. I got quickly frightened by these on-screen jumpscares and i'm pretty much not a fan of it, but nevermind. I'm also addicted to the good old PS1 style that is nicely recreated here without rasterizing meshes or objects.👌👌 The Atmosphere is great and the events keep you playing. I got stuck between objects here and there but was able to get free by crouching and jumping. It's currently getting polished and i'm exited to play the final version.

Thank you very much for taking your time giving a kind feedback. Absolutely appreciated. Most people do not believe how helpful this is for solo devs like me who just get a little help from here and there. As for me it's important to know about players experiences with my creations... what i maybe did wrong, where to improve, what to fix and of course what i did right.

To your wish to see more psychedelic experiences... have you checked my newer games here on itch? Maybe give them a try 🙂

Have a nice day and best regards,

Thank you for playing 👌. ... damn.. you solved one of my games?! Impossible! 😆

Which kind of pc system and OS  are you using? And what does the crash-message say? 
I'm currently online on twitter and discord, for the case you like to message me directly for technical support. 😎

I was dare to play it and now i have to pay the consequences.. damn! The extreme load corrupted intro music blew up my new JBL sound system. So i played it without sound (cus deaf by explosion) and it still was spooky. All these splinters that got shot in my face by the explosion caused a lot of pain and it really adds to the atmosphere of the game. Before i lost my consciousness I ended up in a room with a camera. Was this the end of this game? Did i miss something? When will I be able to hear again? If i'm deaf forever now, i must point out that the warning on this game page should be taken seriously. Horrible things will happen to you! I thought it was a joke... most of my comment. I'm okay, thanks for the experience. 😄