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The graphics were awesome.  Great color choice.  The sort of noir, superhero vibe that you've got going is totally rad.  Everything looked and felt smooth and polished.  I'm totally blown away at what you pulled together in such a short period of time.  Strong work!

You did a lot with what little time you had.  I liked the cartoon/comic book style graphics.  I really enjoyed playing, but if you streamlined the controls, things could get a lot more fast paced and crazy.  I think with a little tinkering, you'll have a really fun metroid style action-puzzler.

Once I figured out how to get the handgun out, I had a good time hosing down baddies.  I really liked the graphics, especially in the store menu.  I'm a sucker for shooters with RPG elements.  There's definitely a lot of potential here!

I really enjoyed this one.  I felt like you found a good balance with the difficulty of the puzzles.  I like how each level is just a little bit different from the others and requires you to think out of the box in a slightly different way, while still maintaining a consistent overall vibe.  Nice!

That glitch shader near the galaxy thingies is pretty rad.  Making the glitch effect become more intense the closer you got was a nice touch.  I definitely could have played more.  

I think I fixed it.  Thanks for the heads up!

I can tell a lot of work went into level design.  I'm really impressed that you could whip this out in just a week.  Nice work!

I really liked the aesthetics for this game.   It brings me back to the old days of monochrome gameboys.  Thanks for that little shot of nostalgia!

Oops, it's wearing off... and now I feel old.

I love the artwork.  I'm sure a ton of work went into animating the main character.  This is a neat stealth puzzler you've got here!

I am very impressed by the visuals in this game, and I can tell that it took a lot of time and thought to design the levels.  Your menu and narration are really tight also.  I would have liked some clues to be able to guess which platform or light to travel toward rather than simple trial and error, but it's definitely one of my favorites so far.

I dig everything about this.  I sincerely hope you spend some more time expanding on what you've created here.

It looks like you put a good deal of work into the story, and I was definitely interested in the world you created, but I would have really liked to see those elements revealed during gameplay rather than as a separate, optional screen.  With a bit of polishing, I think you'll have a nice little stealth game on your hands.  Nice job!

I think you've got an interesting game mechanic going for a puzzler.  I was  a little confused at first, but once I read your comment about getting your rage meter up so that you could walk through walls I knew what to do.   I think you chose good music to go with your game's style also. 

I really liked the glitchy floor effect that you came up with.  I agree with BuGfi5h that there would be a lot more suspense and problem solving involved if there were limited bullets.  Overall, I enjoyed playing it, and I look forward to giving it another go after the jam is over.

I had a hard time figuring out which check point to go to, but through random chance I managed a couple of successful deliveries.  I was really interested in your sci fi universe though, and I think that with a little more development, you could have a compelling point and click economic adventure.

Oh no!  I forgot to put in an audio clue for the password.  It's:

username: admin 

password: password

Everything lowercase.  Thanks for taking the time to get that far!

Yeah... At one point, I definitely had the thought, "Uh, oh!  Maybe this is too much like actually debugging a crappy old computer."

Thanks for the feedback!

I really dig the art, and I think you chose good music to go with your style.  You already identified a couple of things that you need to improve, so I know you're headed in the right direction.  This looks like a great start to a fun game.

I like the graphics and the overall retro vibe.  The main character is super cute.  The glitch/teleportation mechanic is a neat addition.  Solid work y'all!

Once you've successfully run the virus scan, you get access to level 2.  It's all a bit fiddly.  Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback.  This was my first attempt with Godot, so I tried to choose a very simple project, so that I could actually have something to submit.  As for the music, that's all I could manage with 5 minutes and a ukelele.  I figured it would be better than nothing.

Thanks!  I had fun with that.

Thanks for playing!  The next one will be better, I promise.