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Umm... Thnx   : P

Nice game, idea and execution. Fun to play

Really nice game, cool idea and execution :D

Thnx mate, really useful advice

I'll make sure that I implement them in the next jam : D

Nice game, 

Just if controls were a bit smoother it could have become fast paced and lot more fun

Good Game none the less

It was super fun,

(Lots of good games this jam)

Every thing was awesome

PS: Can't figure out how it relates to the theme, any pentester lingo ?


Really Fun Game,  

Can be standalone solo game, really well done and polished 

Great game, with great mechanics and components. 

Would be more fun if controls were more refined and difficulty was bit less, but great game none the less

It can also be a standalone commercial game if you work on it.

Thnx Bro : )
I am glad you enjoyed it

Thnx Bro,  I'll surely fix these things after the jam.
Jam Time issues ; (

Thanks a lot !

...and yeah, the controls seems really messy now, Ill make sure this never happens in the future.

Thanks, will surely fix them onece the jam is over : ]

Thanks a lot.

Now I realise the importance of beta testing and feedback, controls seemed fine to me and now I realise no one is able to remember them : (

Will make sure this never happens in future .

Now that you mention it, I do realise that controls could have indeed been compact. Like double W and double S to toggle gravity, right mouse click to teleport etc. 

Thanks !!

Now, Source Code is also available along with download options

Nice and fun fast paced game, music is equally nice.

But the most beautiful part is the death animation i.e when complete screen is overrun by pixels

Thanks a lot !!!

Time slowdown makes the battle easy but it is not fun, PLEASE TRY TELEPORTING AND SHOOTING ENEMIES IN MID AIR,  it is lots of fun and this is what game was created for :)

Time Freeze was meant to be used when too many enemies appear, or for jumping over the second lava pond by teleporting over stones or shooting bullet between the moving walls

About the controls :  I was learning 10 finger typing, and these are perfect controls if anyone is familiar with  it  :P

Nice game, but the developer must have been evil or something : )

Music was especially good as was the text method by butterflies

(1 edit)

Ahh. . so you figured it out :)

Hope you liked the game...

Really awesome game, best game played till now

Can you actually reach the trapdoor ??

Your game is Awesome!!!!!

The music, graphic quality and game mechanism fits so well together.

Bugs causing glitches was super awesome touch.

I don't know why but I super love this game, Nice work, easy to adapt and fun to play

Nice game, perfectly based on theme,  and nice crypthunt(ish) thinking

Good work with 3d, looks charming.

I think I found the glitch, mob goons shoot at us only when they are on screen. Game becomes really easy that  way

Well crafted,  looks like a proper game (and not a jam game)

Really nice game, especially the map and player sensing bots are nice additions

P.S : I discovered 3/4 gold balls

It is fun, but if car was more stable I could have enjoyed driving at high speed and jumping over the terrains, I need to play it real slow now :(

Thanks !

Really nice UI and level design, love how you managed to  create such a wonderful world using  minimalism

Every one grows  via feedback.

So feel free to discuss what you like in this game or how the game could have been better.